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So far we have:

PH - 137

Pretre - 70

Purajih - 60

This puts us over the 250. So anyone else that wants to jump on we are great. I won't be ordering until probably tomorrow, so if anyone else wants to jump on the bandwagon let me know. 

1 hour ago, pretre said:

As much as I shouldn't I could use a Leman Russ (70 GBP). Hopefully, that will help you towards your goal.

I am assuming LEMAN RUSS, PRIMARCH OF THE SPACE WOLVES is what you are asking for Pretre?

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If you are shipping your goods to the US then Forge World will charge sales and usage tax in the States where Games Workshop has retail stores. In other States, no Sales Tax will be charged. As you proceed through check out this will be recalculated in accordance with the State regulations.

I believe this means it is WA tax.  So the 15 GBP IA:index has a tax of 1.71.

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1 hour ago, Psilence said:

What about his wolves Pretre?!

You gotta get the wolves too!


I was actually looking at them and I think I'm going to hold off. They look a bit derpy to me.




I'll keep them on my trade list, but I'm not going to shell out $90 for them.

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Running tally: 367 GBP

PumpkinHead: IA index xenos x2, Dimachaeron = 122

Pretre: Lemun Russ = 70


Purajh: IA Index Collection = 60


Westrider: waiting on PM

Edosaurus Rex: World Eaters legion etched brass = 12


happycamper: Ork nob warbikes, ork warboss on bike = 103




Let me know if the links I have provided are not what you want. If there are any changes include the link to what you want.

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