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For those planning to attend OFCC

OFCC 2017 AoS event poll  

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  1. 1. What event choice would people like to see as we adjust our AoS event

    • 3 round ITC Saturday and 5 round Skirmish on Sunday
    • Drop the ITC event scoring and go with a 5 round "round robin" style event
    • 3 round ITC Saturday and do narrative(points based) team or Triumph and Trechery battles on Sunday
    • Other,,post below what you have in mind.

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  Its now looking like we wont have the player numbers needed to run a full 5 round ITC event over the two days as right now we are sitting at 7 attendees,though im close to certain for at least 2 more that will be making it.

  This puts us in good postition to do a 3 round ITC on Saturday though as we have been running these with 6-10 players since last fall and it works out pretty well.

    The other alternative is to back out of the ITC event status and just go with a Round Robin style event were we just play as many different players as we can over the two days.

   If we stick with the 3 round ITC on Saturday then we could,if players would like,,,do a 5 round escallating skirmish event on Sunday.The new Skirmish system is very easy to pick up and actually pretty fun to play with rounds taking usually no longer than an hour,the first rounds would likely be over closer to half an hour.In between rounds players would roll for new abilities gained and hire new warband members.
  I would need to work up some rules clarifications on a few things along with a scoring rubric to determine winners.Players could use their army from the day before or even bring a new army/warband just for this event,,though painting requirements will still be in place.

  I would probably start this event at 35 points instead of the rulebooks 25 point rule as some armies just cant get a hero and 2 other models at that lower value.


 Ill see if I can pop up a pol for this now:)


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I think at this point we really have to drop the 5 round ITC event we just don't have the player count to pull it off. I like the idea of 3 round event and then a more casual quick skirmish event on Sunday. I am hopeful that people will be able to buy a ticket for either event, it could help with getting the head count up. Looking forward to this event and I am very hopeful we will all have a great time.

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8 hours ago, Threejacks said:

Im starting to think that it would be fine if we just stick with the 5 round set as it is,yet I can manipulate matchup on Sunday as needed to avoid players facing the same opponent more than once or twice..player input will also help at that point:)


Yah that would be fine too, I think most people would be fine with any format as long as we get to have a few beers and throw down some dice.

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I have set up a FB event page to hopefully get more people to sign up. Please share around and get the word out. Thanks all for everyone who is attending.


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6 hours ago, Pyre Warden said:

Shared to my facebook, gonna tag some guys. I'll share it to rip city as well. 

Thanks man, we really need to get the word out to get more players to come, because the count is super low right now.

I was going to offer buying a beer for each player that buys a ticket but decided against that haha!

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