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H: Terminators/Deathwing W: Primaris Marines


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Is anyone interested in acquiring a large number of Space Marine / Dark Angels Terminators? Painted to a moderate tabletop standard, albeit not in standard DA colors (they're silver and grey, with red weapon casings). 

6x Thunderhammer / Storm Shield
6x Lightning Claws
1x Plasma Cannon / Fist
4x Assault Cannon / Fist
4x Chainfist / Storm Bolter
10x Storm Bolter / Fist
1x Librarian converted from a pewter Lysander

4x Powersword / Storm Bolter

Probably pretty close to 2,000 Points under the new rules. This army has served me well, but I feel the urge to move on...

Would love to trade them for the Primaris Marines from the new Starter Set.

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