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First Space Wolves list


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  Battlescribe is fairly up to date now,,though ive found a few missed items in the SW entries.Overall very usable.

  Anyhow heres what I have so far.Its certainly not optimized but it contains some fun stuf to play:)

   I dont have it divided into the Outrider detatchement yet but the list will have 4 CPs to work with using a Battalion and Outrider.

 Im trying to take advantage of the synergies with Wulfen and Bloodclaws,though im not sure the best way to get the Wulfen across the field,,I am running the unit with 3 SS`s so plenty of resiliance to harder hitting shots but still vunlrable to getting spammed down.Running Logan on the Sled is still not optimal but the game is more forgiving now to that stuff..kinda wish he only had 9 wounds instead of 12 though,,cuz sniping with big guns and all.

  Also trying to take advantage of the new transport rules by loading up the Stormwolf and shooting across the board for second turn face time,,certainly all chickens in one basket kind of thing but ill be providing lots of high priority stuff to choose from on the first turn rush.Trying out the new Primaris troops as well,,actually I think alot of players will be using these base line guys,not customizable but 5 for 100 points with beefed up Bolters,2 attacks each base and  the big difference TWO wounds apiece:,,rather point efficient I think,,though cant be transported so theres that too.

 Hope this file comes through


Space Wolves 1.0.html

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You've actually got 7 CP to work with there. Everyone starts with 3, and then you've got the 4 more from your Detachments.

Also, I noticed an error in the Battlescribe version of the Curse of the Wulfen. It says there that the Kill part can't affect any Unit that was previously affected by the Hunt part at any point in the Game. In the Index, the restriction is just not Units that were affected by Hunt in the same Turn.

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