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Taking the black, 8th edition Deathwatch


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I am jumping into 8th edition after not playing 40k for many years in the hopes that I may regain the love for this game. I've always been a fan of this universe and the stories involving the Inquisition. Long ago I played Grey Knights (before they were good). This time around I'm switching to Ordo Xenos and the Deathwatch. 

The plan so far is to have a puritan Xenos Inquisitor with some hangers-on acolytes or psykers; an assassin of some sort, and a primary force of Deathwatch marines. All of these are going to be built for fun as I don't play tournaments. The Rule of Cool is number one for this army.

With that in mind, I won't be including any Primaris marines but all of my Deathwatch marines are going to be converted from Primaris models to be true scale in comparison to the humans in the army.

First few test models are built including a couple of assassins.


1st Lt. Brother Justinius of the Ultramarines



Brother Sturm of the Crimson Fists



Brother Chardon of the LamentorsIMG_20170621_202917557.thumb.jpg.d5ac67befd8cffdc0729b29958788a41.jpg


Calexus assassin



Eversor assassin


Some more building and painting to come.

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I hope its the beers or the heat too, but thanks!

Primaris are fun to convert though. Use the Primaris legs and back torso, most other marine parts fit them or look close enough that it doesn't matter. Whatever bits you have and some greenstuff make for a cool looking marine. Maybe just make a hero for funs?

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Got to play my first game of 8th edition thanks to @peter.cosgrove for your help and patience with that. Learned quite a bit about my army, namely that its super small and each body is just a marine. Think i need some more regular old bolters to take a few wounds. 

Other than thay though they played well and were a pretty effective combined force of marines and inquisitorial units.

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