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6/27 Bham - What wargame would a Warhamster want?


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JIM!!! Or is it Cthulu still? I don't know which Jim I'm addressing here, but YES I'm still on for Tuesday 8th Ed. action. 2000 pts. will be fine. I'll just add some stuff to the 1850 list I've cooked up. Be there around 6, and we'll see if our first turn takes more than an hour. 

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I'm out this week. Have to get up super early Wednesday to go camping, and still need to pack. Sadly, it'll be a few weeks before I'm back, as then we're heading to Minnesota for a bit.  Hmmm... I wonder if I can take my Infinity Figs through security. Might be nice to paint on vacation. Some of those bits are pretty sharp....

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