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2k list for July 1st event: chaos


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4 hours ago, Skkipper said:

I saw there was an itc event on the first and was putting together a list


super heavy detachment

AnGgrath 700

greater brass scorpion 625

renegade knight with thermal cannon and chainsword 426


patrol detachment

kharn 173

13 cultists 65


stompy mashy goodness



You're going to have a hard time in objective missions unless you table your opponent since most are controlled by most models within 3

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2 hours ago, Dusldorf said:

So...you're just going to hope you can plant your models on top of the objectives before your opponent can, and then sit there for the rest of the game?

With enough hull points I suppose anything is possible.  Losing just one of those though could be tough.

I get the impression that the fun of playing with his enormous models is probably the motivator here.  After all, the prizes are being done by drawing so it hardly matters how well he does.  Lol.  His name is in the hat just for attending.

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