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More Starters, DG and Primaris


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Hot off the heels of Dark Imperium there’s even more Death Guard and Primaris Space Marines landing soon. The releases begin next week with two new champions of humanity, and then in July an array of Getting Started products, making it easier than ever to get involved in the 41st Millennium.


The Primaris Captain is a stoic, indomitable commander, posed urging his army forward… It’s immediately clear that the Captain is as much a leader as he is a fighter, although a power sword and bolter imply masteries in both ranged and close quarters combat. This is a model that’s going to look right at home in the thick of your Intercessors and Hellblasters while managing to stand out on his own terms – perfect, given his role as a frontline leader both on the tabletop and in the background. There’s no Chapter specific iconography on the model, meaning whichever Space Marine Chapter you collect, you’ll be able to paint and personalise your Primaris Captain to match. The kit also has options for different heads and weapons, allowing for even greater customisation.


The Primaris Librarian blends the noble bearing of the Primaris Captain with a wealth of occult detail and baroque cybernetics indicative of a darker, more mysterious kind of warrior. He is a warrior-mystic, trained in both physical and psychic warfare, and this carries over to the positioning of the miniature itself; one hand wields a deadly force sword while the other is raised as if to smite the foe with psychic power. Like the Captain, you’re free to customise the Librarian to suit any Chapter you like (barring the Black Templars, who refuse to tarry with any such foul sorcery!). You can either build the Librarian bare-headed or with a custom helm linked to his psychic hood.

In July, both the Primaris Space Marines and the Death Guard are getting new units, starting with the Reivers of the Adeptus Astartes. Many of these Getting Started kits will be in the Easy to Build format, meaning they’ll be easy to assemble – they’re made of coloured plastic and you won’t even need glue. There are also two new Getting Started boxes and a Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 book coming soon, giving you a range of options for beginning your journey in the 41st Millennium.


Our first Easy to Build kit of the new edition features the Reivers. These guys are the guerilla specialists of the Primaris Space Marines, and their miniatures have a threatening, predatory feel. In contrast to the stalwart Intercessors, the Reivers appear to be advancing forwards, equipped with suppressed bolt pistols and brutal-looking combat blades.

Stripped down Mk X armour allows for a good look at how this newest mark of Space Marine armour functions, with the midsection of the models showing thick bundles of fibrous cabling; this is the mechanical muscle that lets the Reivers punch through concrete, sprint in full plate and leap through ruins and jungles. Finally, each Reiver wears the visage of a leering skull – these guys aren’t just about stealth, but terror. Even if you’ve already got an Imperial army, Reivers will make a great addition to your force, and there are rules in the box to let you start adding them to your games straight away.


The Plague Marines Easy to Build offer features models as varied and as finely detailed as those found in the Dark Imperium box, bloated bodies all but spilling from rusting, ancient power armour. The Plague Champion is particularly grotesque and is one of the first Death Guard miniatures to go completely bare-headed, giving us a glimpse at what little remains of his humanity. The blight launcher in the kit is a great visual reference to the history of the Death Guard, and eagle-eyed hobbyists will notice the similarities to weapons from the Horus Heresy, blending design elements from the grenade launchers wielded by the Deathshroud Terminators and the rad-missile launchers equipped by Destroyers. It’s a great way to tie the Death Guard to their historical roots and an indication of the horrific weapons they bring to bear in the reaping to come. Whether you’re bolstering your forces from Dark Imperium or starting your own Vectorum, this Easy to Build kit is a great way to do it.


Finally, you’ll be able to bolster your plague-ridden hordes with Easy to Build Poxwalkers. Like their unfortunate compatriots in Dark Imperium, these miniatures are ridden with all manner of horrific diseases and go to battle wielding the last vestiges of their personal lives as improvised weapons. Poxwalkers make for a powerful choice in any Chaos Army and, thanks to their Diseased Horde rule, we imagine you’ll have quite a few of them, so these designs are a great way to add variety and character to a unit. Whether you’re yet to take your first steps into Warhammer 40,000 and are looking for the easiest way to start a new collection or you’re already looking for ways to bolster your armies from Dark Imperium, it’s going to be an exciting few weeks of new releases.


These products will be released alongside our new ways to get started. The first of these is our Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 handbook – this 103-page guidebook is the perfect guide for any Warhammer 40,000 beginner, giving a thorough overview of the universe of the 41st Millennium, how the game works and the different armies you can collect. It also comes with an Easy to Build Intercessor and a set of core rules, allowing you to take the first steps of your journey for around the price of a White Dwarf.


First Strike, on the other hand, is a great boxed set for both new and experienced players of Warhammer 40,000. For new players, there’s everything you need in the box to start playing, including miniatures, rules, and a guidebook taking you through a series of handy scenarios to teach you to play. There’s a double-sided gaming mat in the box, and it’s printed so that it doubles as a set of cardboard Munitorum Armoured Containers – meaning you’ll have somewhere to play your first few games. The box itself contains all our new Easy to Build miniatures, but for almost half the price you’d pay if you got them all separately – it’s a great way to get your hands on all the new releases in one place! There’s also a pocket-sized Battle Primer that’ll be helpful for you whether you’re playing your first few games or you’re a seasoned veteran in need of a quick-reference guide.


Finally, Know No Fear is great for players looking to make a comprehensive start, containing full armies for the Death Guard and the Primaris Space Marines. As well as getting a Patrol Detachment’s worth of miniatures for each side, you’ll get rules, your guide to getting started, a gaming mat and card scenery – all for nearly half the price of Dark Imperium. Combined with the Easy to Build kits, you’ll be able to assemble a diverse and powerful force of Death Guard or Primaris Space Marines in no time.

You can expect to see the Primaris Librarian and Primaris Captain available for pre-order next weekend, while the new Getting Started products will be available shortly after that. For those of you who want to get involved with the complete Warhammer 40,000 experience, Dark Imperium contains two full armies of miniatures alongside the complete rulebook, which features detailed background and advanced rules – get yours now in store or online.

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33 minutes ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

You know, in addition to proper kits instead of all this quick snap single pose crap.

I dunno. I "came up" in the pewter era, where you got three to four poses per unit tops... So this doesn't really bug me that much. I mean, there's only so many possible ways to hold a rifle and uniforms are meant to be, well, uniform. How many poses do you really need?

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I wasn't "excusing" anything, just saying that I don't mind. The starter sets have always come with simplified models and more complex kits have always followed. GW has already said that this was the plan for the current release... Just be patient.

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1 hour ago, Ish said:

I will be shocked if we don't see a WH40k version of the AoS app by year's end.

All the units in that game have their stats available, free, on the app. Some optional things are behind a paywall, but the stats and core rules are free.

Yeah, pretty sure it is on its way...



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4 minutes ago, WestRider said:

I'm not seeing Reivers or a Primaris Librarian in there anywhere. As far as I can tell, it only has the ones from Dark Imperium.

That is true. I thought that was what he was talking about. As for the data slates for the new hotness above, they should be included in the box if the New GW is to be believed. And I do believe them.

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It was stated during the early announcements for the new 40k that they will be doing "inexpensive books" at release as the app wont be ready at that time.So yeah,im hoping for an app before years end.

  Keep in mind that it will likely have a small monthly fee(like the AoS version does) if you want to use it as your army builder,but seeing as its all I use now for AoS im pretty sure most everyone that has a device will pay the small fee for it.In the couple of games of nu40k ive played so far,the biggest thing slowing me down was looking up dataslates....I have all my current AoS builds on the app and its no more than 1-2 clicks away for any scroll:)


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1 hour ago, Sugarlessllama said:

The new Primaris Marines are in Imperial 1.

The only Primaris Marines in the indices are the Captain in Gravis Armor, Primaris Lieutenant, Primaris Ancient; the Incessor, Inceptor, and Helblaster Squads.

GW has previously previewed a hover-tank and a dreadnought. They're not in the indices. Now they're announcing a Captain in Mark X armor, a Librarian, and this new Reiver squad... Also not in the indices.

Rules will be in the box, sure, and quite probably even available as free PDFs... But we're going to get a codex sooner or later. 

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51 minutes ago, scottshoemaker said:

I'm quite cool with the quick fit poses.  For one thing they let you build an army core at a lower cost.  I'm with Ish on this one.  These "quick fit" models are still better than many companies regular offerings.  Once the more articulated models come out, mixing the two will help fill out those cores...

This. So much this. I hate assembling models. I absolutely hate it. If all my Space Marines came as solid one-piece single pose models I would be open to it. One of best units for me to paint was the Assault on Black Reach tactical squad. Snap fit, and single pose, I was able to assemble and paint them in an evening. Best. Thing. Ever.

And these Primaris Marines are almost as awesome. I was able to assemble and base coat a five model unit with a Lt. in an evening. And I think I will have the rest of them completed soon-ish.

So I am really looking forward to some more snap-fit offerings.  

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Stay calm, Guardsman!  

Reinforcements from the Adeptus Astartes have been deployed to your war zone – and you may have been lucky enough to meet them already! Whether you’ve stormed a hostile bastion – only to have found it strangely empty but for a pile of gory remains, or seen an entrenched enemy turn and flee seemingly out of nowhere, you’ve probably met the Reivers.

While the Adeptus Astartes know no fear, their enemies certainly do! The purpose of the Reivers is to exploit the cowardice of our enemies through the use of shock tactics and advanced training. You are unlikely to encounter any of these warriors directly, but should you find yourself face to face with a skull-faced giant in power armour in the middle of the night, welcome him with open arms – he is most likely a Reiver.*


While they may be grim in appearance, you have nothing to fear from these exemplary warriors of the Emperor – provided you follow the below advice at all times.**

Use Ear Protection!

Reivers disrupt the hearing of the enemy with vox-amplified war cries and audio-sonic weaponry. Unfortunately, the heresy corrupted eardrum of a traitor is not too dissimilar from the blessed but regrettably fragile eardrum of a loyal member of the Astra Militarum, such as yourself. Make sure to insert ear protection to guard yourself against aural damage – if none is provided, a pair of spare socks should suffice.***

Clear a Drop Zone!

If you are expecting Reiver support, make sure to establish a clear drop zone. If a drop zone cannot be cleared in time, attempt to drop to the floor to make a soft and level surface for the Reivers to land on.

Keep a Strong Mind and a Strong Stomach

Should you happen upon a squad of hostile infantry strung from the local foliage by their viscera, there is no need to be alarmed – this display is meant to intimidate the enemy, not you, and thus you have nothing to worry about. If any new recruits are disquieted by this, a warm cup of Tanna Tea followed by a reminder of the penalties for cowardice should be enough to steel even the most delicate of bowels.****

There you have it, Guardsman! The Reiver is your friend and your ally – just stay well out of his way.

Thought For the Day: There is nothing to fear but failure.

* If any of the following details are also present – red wings on the helmet, flayed hides, or a corona of daemonic lightning – immediately consult Volume 2 of the Infantryman’s Threat Identification Field Guide, 49th edition, section ref. 17.a66.4111 – Hereticus Majoris (revised)
** Where possible, a minimum safe distance of 13 feet is also recommended.
*** If you end up with permanent irreparable loss of hearing, worry not! There are exciting roles in the Astra Militarum just for you. For more information, please consult uplifting pamphlet 114//c: “You What? – The Artillery Crewman’s Guide to Sign Language”.
**** Please note that vomiting on the battlefield is punishable by flogging on grounds of wasting valuable rations.

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