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Dwarves for Spike! 2017


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I am going to do something I have never done before at Spike. Take a team that I actually have a little practice with. This year I plan to take my Dwarves and I wanted to get peoples thoughts on the list. For those who don't know the build rules, they can be found here. For those not wanting to read them, basically you get 1.2M to spend, and a skills pack determined by race. The skills pack portion is a little confusing at first so I am not going to try and explain it all here.

  • Blocker - 70k
  • Blocker - 70k
  • Blocker - 70k
  • Blocker - 70k
  • Runner - 80k - Block (2)
  • Runner - 80k - Fend (1)
  • Blitzer - 80k - Guard (2)
  • Blitzer - 80k - Guard (3)
  • Troll Slayer - 90k - Mighty Blow (2)
  • Troll Slayer - 90k - Stand Firm (1)
  • Grim Ironjaw - 220k

Rerolls x 3 = 150k

Total= 1.15M

As you can see I still have 50k left over to spend. I am tempted to drop a reroll and get the bomb throwing dwarf star player for fun. let me know your thoughts on skills and build.

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An Apothecary is a waste but Dwarfs should take 4 rerolls?  What the hell are they going to do with them all?  :biggrin:

I don't see how an Apo can be a waste if you use it on your first CAS.  If you still haven't used him by the second half use him on the first KO.  Even Dwarf armor will break.

Hobgoblins, Goblins, Halflings, Snotlings and Thralls are the only pieces where you are losing TV by using an Apo to get them back in the game.  Every other piece is an even trade or better.

I could see preferring to go with the Bomb thrower if you are looking for shenanigans, but a RR over an Apo for Dwarves doesn't make much sense to me. 

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5 hours ago, savion47 said:

Over the weekend playing chaos dwarves I felt like an Apothecary would have helped out more then another reroll. Except I guess my game against Dave where I failed to pick up the ball 8 times and burned through my re-rolls that way

good times, good times.

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