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Lords of War 12!


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First lords of war event of 8th edition! Let's throw some dice! Special guest Tony Myers from hammerhead games will be at this event.

10am registration 
Round one 10:30am 

3 rounds, eternal war missions
2000 points battle forged 

Latest ITC guidelines will be in place except for the paint rules for this event only. 


Prize support for: 
Best general 
Best painted 
Best sports

Online registration is open on the best coast pairings app. Entry fee will be due day of the event in person. 

See you all there!


We are all relatively new to 8th edition, and several people coming to this event are new to tournament play. As such here as some things to bear in mind. 

1. Bring all your relevant rules with you. Bring any relevant FAQ with you, should they exist. These will need to be either in a digital format which is easily readable or print 

2. Models need to be consistently based across the army and be model on the appropriate base shape and size for the unit.

3. Bring your dice and measuring tape! Seriously,  people forget this sometimes. If you forgot anything thankfully you can buy materials during the event. 

4. Bring all your relevant models, while fully painted isn't required, proxies aren't allowed.

5. Setting a better example than 7th ed events there will be consequences for cheating or misinterpreting rules to your advantage. Some of us don't fully understand all the rules but there is a difference between what's intentional and not. Any situations will be handed on a case by case basis and if you are consistently caught playing fast-and-loose with the rules this can result in a 0 point score for that event and and exclusion from future events.

Thanks again, see you Saturday!

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