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Played against Mei Fang


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Damn, Archanists are goood. Really enjoyed this matchup against Mei Fang with Dreamer. He's just so incredibly versatile and being the first time playing against this master, I wanted to be as comfortable as I could with my own models. My opponent was really a solid player, knowledgeable about the game, and was very friendly to play considering how brutal the duels were. 

'My opponent rushed me, disrupted my whole safety zone that I set up for a summoning engine with Dreamer and it rattled me. Lost sight of the schemes and found myself embroiled in battle attempting to vengefully kill models for no VP advantage, which ultimately lost me the game. My opponent even said to me, 'gotta get the schemes, focus on vp' which is honestly something that I say most of the time, but it didn't matter, we were locked in mortal kombat and I had lost sight.

That is why this game is so awesome... the random variation in assignment and vp obtainability are NOT solely based on damage output. its an important dynamic, of course, totally necessary but more in regards to denial of vp. Being offensive about acquiring vp means you are using the spacing and terrain on the table coupled with cheaper, less effective damage/defense models. You need activation control and you need to activate your models in a particular order in reaction to the opponent, all things that don't require you to flip a card or rely on any kind of luck. This is the part of the game where you are, in the very present, playing your opponent. Bluffing them, cheating them, and using their emotions and tendencies against them to gain an advantage. I feel like the moments of luck in this game are less devastating and to string together many of them in a row would be rare considering the cap of 54 cards before you reshuffle. No constant rolling of a 1 or a 6 to drive you nuts for the possibility of an eternity. The skill aspect of this game, a lot like WHFB, is becoming clearly evident. Stoked! OFCC 2018.... for sure. 

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