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Dropzone commander or similar.


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I wish to get into dropzone commander, however i have found a total lack of players. i have noticed a few people selling armies here, as well as demos, but not players per say. Is this just an area lacking in players? and if there is a lack of players, any game that you would suggest that is similar? I have wh40k but intend to sell it off, its just too expensive. 

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Hey, Korvre!

I get the impression there are players in the area, but it's a bit fragmented at the moment. I've got an old UCM army and an old PHR army that I need to dust off, as I've just moved up from Eugene, get stuck into the scene.

Where've you been checking, and where are you thinking to play?

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I have checked meetup, various other forums ( including the hawk wargaming one), game store calendars. I dont really have any location in mind, I dont even have an army. I was waiting to get one because I didnt even know if there was anyone to play with, but if it is viable I intend to go PHR. Thanks for responding. 

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