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Game Scale vs. Ground Scale in FoW and TY (Redux)


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4 hours ago, barca said:


A fresh and fact-based perspective.

The "distortion" is even more pronounced for naval battles!

I can imagine.  I honestly bet a lot of people playing video games like world of warships don't realize that they are compressed in terms of scaling as well.  

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Then there is the time distortion.

  • For example, a skirmish engagement that was over in minutes (real-time) may take hours to play.
  • In video games, the distortion may go the other direction. Months or years in real time can be played out in minutes or hours.
  • "Real-time" activity could also result in tedium, instead of entertainment: I have seen some very complex game systems that feel like they play out in real time: half or most of a day for a "small to medium-sized" battle.


In regards to wargaming vs. "reality", I adhere to this idea:

"Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful", quoted from "Empirical Model-Building and Response Surfaces", page 424, by George Box, 1987

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