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During deployment and dedicated transports


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So during deployment when you have a model with a transport capacity you can embark any number of units as long as it doesn't exceed its transport capacity right?  So example would be something like two 5 man berserker squads kicking it in the same rhino.  So when you deploy you declare you have x units in a transport right?  So that would in theory make a rhino and 2 squads into a one drop?

sorry if that doesn't make a lot of sense just trying to understand the whole deployment step right now 

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All the missions that I have read state that players alternate deploying their units one at a time. A transport and the unit(s) it carries are separate units.

Player A: "I'll deploy my Rhino here."

Player B: "I'll deploy my Chimera here."

A: "I'm going to deploy my Devastator Squad embarked in that Rhino."

B: "I'm going to deploy my Veteran Squad embarked in that Chimera."

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Yeah, it's entirely possible to have a one drop Army that's like a Spartan with a couple of expensive Units and a bunch of Characters or something, and everything Deploys inside.

1 hour ago, Ish said:

Thanks WestRider, I missed that part of the Transport sidebar. Interestingly enough, it seems that you cannot have the Transport and transportee Unit deployed together unless the Unit is actually embarked.

That is correct. Dedicated Transports are no longer associated with a specific Unit, they're just a FOC category. Because of that, there's no provision for Deploying them at the same time as another Unit that isn't actually Embarked on them.

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