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I think there is a pretty good scene for KoW up there, and at least a couple guys who play 9th, not sure about 8th though.

Sorry to go into "9th Age pitch man" mode, but if you haven't checked it out,  it's based off of the 8th edition WHFB rules, but more balanced and community driven. I bring it up because I personally wanted to stick with 8th edition after AoS came out, and was initially very much not interest in 9th Age. Now I'm loving 9th!

Hopefully I'm not derailing your thread, just wanted to share my experience, since I was I  the same boat a while back.  Cheers! ☺

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49 minutes ago, smashthedean said:

8th edition is dead; long live the 9th Age!

8th edition can come back like the 80's did for the 20-something year olds. ;-) ;-)

Just kidding! I've been kind of skimming through 9th Age. After I get my Orc army up and ready I'll be interested in playing...

....If anybody from the Seattle/Tacoma area don't mind playing with a noobie. :-)

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