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OFCC Saurian Ancients?

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Just spitballing here but how about something like:

Saurian Firstborn on Alpha Carnosaur

Skink Priest

Skink BSB

30 Saurian Warriors w/Shield

15 Skinks w/Caiman

6 Raptor Riders

3 Rhampodons

2 Taurasour


2 Spearback teams


Any thoughts?  Put one or both Skink characters on a Turasaur?  Do Skinks with Caimans even make sense?  How to fill out the rest of the list?

Regardless, lots of dinos on the table seems fun.

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Very strong list for SA. Honestly the raptors are hit or miss, typically get more mileage out of a couple chaff units of hunters.

Skinks + Camians only make sense as steadfast breakers, which will compliment your dino mash very well. Camian is pretty useful for the LD boost, and makes up nearly an entire rank of skinks by himself.

I would put my skink characters on Taurasaurs for the protection. Taurasaurs are tough nuts to crack and your Firstboard/Alpha is going to attract WAY more attention than the wizard. I assume you are going druidism, at which point you definitely want him mounted on the Taura.

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