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Last minute details for OFCC

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I realized I did not explain all that much about what to and what not to bring to OFCC.

Please do bring 6 copies of your army list w/ point values and magic items. Lists are all open, meaning your opponent knows exactly what you have and what magic items you are equipped with. The list does not need any specific format. 5 Copies are for your opponents, 1 is for yourself.

Please bring your army rules, I have a printed version of the T9A slim rulebook, but none of the armies.

I will be printing off 1 tournament packet per table, which should stay with the table as a reference. If you would like your own, then you will need to print that out.

I will also be printing/bringing all the materials necessary for the scenarios.

Keep in mind these scenarios are mostly experimental, and this is a chance for us to contribute to the T9A project with some feedback to the community who developed these scenarios. To that end, I will have a place for comments on the scenarios, along with the standard end match questions, for each of the 5 matches. I hope to not bury you in paperwork so I will try to make them concise.

The materials for the 2nd scenario "A Wise Commander" will be free for the taking after the event if you so choose, I wont need 8 copies to myself.

Oh yeah, and bring your armies, tapes, dice, beautiful faces, and beer money.

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Yep I will provide scoring sheets. They will be part of the feedback for the scenarios.

Another thing to note, the judging for best painted will be done by consensus, done on Sunday. Again this will be part of the scoring sheets /  scenario feedback, which I shall henceforth refer to as "paperwork".

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