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Tobin is cleaning out the old not touched in way too long stuff


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Though considering I skipped a whole edition of 40k that could be everything at this point...

Starting with the easiest to sort out some old dusty beat up Dark Future stuff for anyone that wants to do MadMax things...

I would prefer to have it go in one lot...

Cars, Bikes, drivers, pedestrians, lots of wheels and weapons and six 'Road Warriors' sets. A jeep, a car, weapons options, bike gang, militia/cops, and some militia/cops for adding to vehicles.



I hope the album works..

Make me an offer just don't insult me..

A bunch of Eldar up next but that is gonna take more work to take pics and catalog.

also @fluger would you like some more terrain for the war porch?




20 painted guardians, 5 painted wraithguard, 1 painted weapons platform, 1 unpainted and a plethora of extra weapon options, Fraseers and Warlocks, 4 warp spiders and exarch, Autarch, Banshee exarch, scout, lead guardian/dire avenger, 10 storm guardians, metal avatar, and a wraithlord.


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