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Mouse House Rejects Dilemma


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Ok Ordo, I have a situation that I need to resolve regarding my team. I now have a blocker with 2 niggling injuries. He also has guard. Do I cut him now so I have a full team for round 5, or should I keep him around? He seems like an easy target as a roll of 8 takes him out of the game.

I have never played a team long enough to get multiple niggling injuries. What are folks experience with this sort of thing?

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Would be easier to answer if only we knew who your next couple of games were  against.  :tongue:

I can't ever see keeping a player with 2 niggles, even if he is AV9.  That guard doesn't do much good when he is KO'ed on a 6 and injured on an 8.


I would fire. 

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