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A heartfelt THANKS from team FUC


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We loved ya, each and every one~!

My teammates are not on these forums, but know that if you played Will or Ian, they wanted me to say you were exceptional experiences in getting a face punch!!!

For those wondering, Will is well on his road to recovery.

To my host, Erik, top bar none. I am in concern for my health, having eaten so richly, and alcoholed so much! Your pups are perfect company too~

Now on to my players.

Joe, you are sneaky git with all those camo models. That was scary as heck to play, and you definitely kept them in character throughout! <3

Peter, you had me legit over the knee, and despite me sitting there rolling like a witch, you still tanned my hide hahaha awesome work man, don't stop!<3

Adam, you did in fact, make infinity great again. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you in person, having only known of your name via your excellent works. Your wisdom is obviously founded in real skill. You were so skilled, I had to kill my mans via a drop trooper's version of seppuku (dam30). <3 [and a special <3<3<3 for Obadiah I love him and he can't do anything about it so there].

Evan, I was previously pretty sure that gods do not walk the earth, and then I met your zen. Your rolls frustrated me, as they were so bad. Yet still you held that divine patience all the way to the end. I have much to learn from your impeccable example<3

Andrew, I hope we get to play much more, as your list and play are both extremely sharp. You had me so timid and scared, that we did not even open the bloody door till the very end of round 2! In the end, despite my great fortunes (read as 'crits'), you still maintained some extremely fun and professional plays with the world stacked against you! I will not be so lucky next time, as the dice ALWAYS come back around. If I had known you were a homebrewer, I would have tried to shake you down for a sample (or twelve) hahaha <3

It was my pleasure meeting so many new faces, and for waving at the known faces. I am shocked at all of your stamina for marathon gaming, and I will endeavour to get up to your levels!

Lastly to Spencer and Weber, you did great herding so many cats in to one bag. Despite your A++ work, I am not sorry for stealing the "Dr. Spencer" token from the final mission. You have to play me, and win, if you want it back!

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Thank you Chris for so many things.  

1. For the fantastic work you're doing with mdf and acrylic.  Keep innovating!

2.  For bringing your guys down to play!  It was great to meet you guys. 

3.  For the great game we played.  Hopefully no more mutated gorgoses in the future.

 4. For all the extras you gave us.  They are much appreciated!

and I guess some homebrew will be your incentive to come down and play in the Claflin Man Cave some day.

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