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Thank You All!


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This year's OFCC was a huge success. With 36 players it was the one of the largest events for Infinity on the west coast. Your tables and armies were amazing. Everyone was on a good mood. Thank you for helping tear down the event so quickly. Every member of the club was impressed by everything we did. 

I would like to thank George Spenser for all this hard work as the Head of Gaming. He has grown the event and invented the narrative scenarios. 

Next, I would like to thank the sponsors, Corvus Belli, Pride of Rodina, Fate & Fury Games, Darron Forbes, Battle Kiwi, and Marsbarn Designs. You are all generous and appreciated.

Thanks to my opponents,  Andy Brandt, Alex Sinkowski , Kyle Randolph, Ian Craick, and Cody Burkett for putting up will me . 

Finally, I would like to thank Justin Morgan and Evan Secan for being my second set of hands and diving into every task as well as rallying others.  Their attitude, great swag, and display boards made my weekend effortless.


Congratulations to:

EMOJ FUC, Chris Matthews, Ian Craick, and Will Martinez for winning Best Overall.

Uncle Vernon and the Haqqi-Slams, Evan Secan and Justin Morgan for winning the Marshal Johnson Award for Bests Sports.

Make Infinity Great Again, Obadiah Hampton, Nate Kapke, and Adam Bienvenu for winning Best Painted!

Weeaboo Wizard Van,  Riley Nadeau, Tom Rolling, and Cody Burkett for winning the Achievements Award!


Joe Bumgarner and Pork Chop Express for having the Best Table. If you did not see it, it was a Big Trouble in Little China Table.


I hope to see you all next year, at game night, or at your local event. 


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30 minutes ago, WarlordGhrom said:

Argh missed this as on other side of room.  Anyone got pics?

I have so many.  I am working on getting them up in various places so keep your eyes peeled.  

Speaking of photos, does anyone know a good, free image sharing site I might be able to use?  I used to use photo bucket but they reformatted and are now just a crappy program fishing for money.

Eric, thank you so much for all the work you put into this event.  Your efforts are second only the the handsome and Talented George, who is a g'damn allstar for running this event and keeping everything running smooth.

After that thanks go out to every team who showed up from near or far.  Thanks for the games, the work, the talent, the jokes, and everything else.   One of my favorite OFCC's, I can only hope that years after this measure up!

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Hey all, 

My friend (Jeremy) and I spent Saturday at OFCC and had a lot of fun checking everything out and chatting with some of you. Just wanted to say thanks to all the organizers for putting this together and for everyone there for being so welcoming and letting us poke around and bug you all while you were playing. Thanks to Jay, Pete, Jeff, and Darron especially who we bugged more than others since I had talked to or at least briefly met you lot when I was at the club a few weeks ago. Joey? (sorry, if I got the name wrong) from Bellingham Warhamsters was also super friendly and spent a lot of time chatting with us and my friend in particular about Morats and Combined Army strategy. There were a few others who took some time to chat with us whose names I didn't get and it was nice meeting George as well. But really everyone there was great and we regretted not being able to play this year.

Hopefully next year we will actually be able to participate instead of just observe but in the meantime I think this went a long way in convincing my friend to *maybe* come down to the club with me sometime to play. I would like to start doing so more often and am hoping to find time to participate in the upcoming Fall league.

Thanks again and looking forward to next year!


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