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Team D have all made it home safe and sound!

I've seen a thank you thread that mostly seems to be oriented towards 9th Age, so I'm going to just put this here.  I want to thank the HoG, the Ordo senators, and everyone who helped make this OFCC possible.  It was laid-back, easy going, fun, and an absolute blast.  In short, it was completely worth the trip out there and I can't wait to see everyone again next year!

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2 hours ago, PumpkinHead said:

It was awesome to get to play against 2 members of this team! Great people, great games! I even gave my favorite opponent pin to a certain Tau player who can't kill a Mawloc. :P Glad y'all made it home safe.

You hush. I will have my revenge upon the mawloc next year! BLOOD FOR THE BLO...I mean...for the greater good!!!

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