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Arena Rex, come for fight, stay for the lions

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I have .... to many... a couple factions of stuff.  Fun game - wonderful mini's (although I have issues with some of the resin flexibility issues (too flexible)).  If you bring to game night - I have a mat - several factions as well and dice.  I would be there for sure.  I have yet to paint anything yet though.  And I am working on a custom arena... someday lol



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Getting ready to play some Arena Rex. This is 2 4-man teams ready to play. Some monsters from Descent are likely to make their way into the arena as living obstacles.

Totally agree on the bad resin and metal weapons. They are too thin and are likely to break or bend easily. I pretty much swapped all weapons with GW arms/weapons for sturdiness, side affect that they all look way more brutal now as well!


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