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40k 8th Edition Escalation League - Week 6 - 1250 points or 63 Power Level - Cleanse the Population

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40k 8th Edition Escalation League Week 6 Mission

Due to the terrible weather last week, we will be skipping right to Week 6. 1250 points or 63 Power Level. I think this will be a very interesting week with everyone’s army and what they can bring. Getting over 1k is usually a turning point in the caliber of units showing up on the table.

MISSION 6 – Cleanse the Population


All armies shall be 1250 points or 63 PL, Battleforged, must qualify for a Patrol Detachment (if you can fit more, go for it! No Brigades, yet though. Any combination of Patrol, Battalion, Vanguard, Spearhead, Outrider, or Auxiliary Support Detachment is fine.).


Setup terrain on a 6x4. Make sure there is a variety of terrain as the Advanced Rules contain entries for craters, ruins, battlefield debris and other cool things (all of which should be in the terrain room or tubs)!

Setup as many clearly defined buildings, ruins, bunkers, cans of beer, cargo containers, stacks of barrels, debris piles, tubes of chips, groves of trees, or statues to desiccate and set on fire (on the battlefield, not in real life). This should be all over the field and done before choosing table sides.


Please see below image for Vanguard Strike Deployment map. Roll off and winner chooses deployment zone. Alternate deploying units with winner of deployment placing first. Deploy units so that they are wholly within your deployment zone.

Cleanse The Population.png

First Turn:

The player who finished setting up their army first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decided to take the first turn, their opponent can seize the initiative on a roll of a 6.


This mission has three ways to generate victory points. The term “building” can refer to anything your opponent agrees on: trees, rubble, piles of barrels, a bastion, and a bunker, whatever you want. IF IT’S ON THE TABLE, BURN IT DOWN!

1.      Purge: 1 VP for each building in your own deployment zone you set alight.

2.      Cleanse: 2 VP for each building in the middle, no-man’s land of the table you set alight.

3.      Desiccate: 5 VP for each building in your opponent’s deployment zone you set alight.

Game Length:

At the end of round 5, the player who is winning, rolls a d6. On a 3+ the game goes to round 6. At the end of round 6, the other player rolls a d6, on a 4+, the game goes to round 7. Game is over at the end of round 7.

Victory Conditions:

At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most victory points is the winner. If both players have the same number of victory points, the player with the lower Battle Points or Power Level is the winner.

Special Rules:

Set Alight: To set a building on fire, an infantry unit must end its movement phase wholly within 3” of the building’s base (including being inside the building). As long as at least one model from this unit is still within 3” at the beginning of their next movement phase, the building is set alight. The unit may still do psychic tests, shoot in the shooting phase, and fight in the fight phase. It can even charge as long as a single model remains wholly within 3” of the building at the beginning of their next movement phase.

***I will have copies of the mission printed out and available at the club.***


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