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SAGA New Edition (2018)

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I built myself a nearly 2,000 Point WHFB 8th Edition Empire army using Wargames Factory’s plastic ashigaru and samurai.  Don’t remember the exact numbers, but I know I had over 200 models. They’re in storage back in Detroit, but if a Saga Age of Samurai sourcebook is ever released, I’ve got more than enough models for it. 

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My copy of the Book of Battles arrived last week. Love it!
My favorite scenario thus far is in the Legends section (the narrative scenarios) and is titled Pillage.
The defender sets up a village numbering between 4 and 6 buildings, 4 linear obstacles (low walls), and 3 bases of livestock.  Neither player starts with hiss warband on the board, but the defender starts with 4 units of civilians (4 models each), each placed in a different building.
On turn 1 the attacker's entire warband arrives on a short edge of the defender's choosing.  At the start of each turn you roll a die and add it to a running tally.  When the tally reaches a multiple of 7, the defender moves two units from his warband onto the board from the short edge opposite the attacker's board edge.   The first group also includes 2 units plus the defender's warlord.  As soon a civilian comes within L of an attacker's unit, the alarm is sounded and the running tally grows faster.  Destroyed defender units (but no heroes) may be recycled.  
The attacker gains VPs by moving livestock off the board, looting unoccupied buildings, carrying the loot off the table, and, burning empty buildings. 
Each building can be looted once by occupying a building and making a successful search roll.  If successful, the attacker randomly draws one of 8 chits.  Each chit represents a different type of loot or encounter.  One of the loot results is an old crone who attacks your unit.  She attacks the unit only once, but gets 3 attack dice.  Each hit causes an automatic casualty. 
Each loot type has a VP value and a weight value, numbered 1 to 3.  A unit can carry a maximum weight equal to the number of  models remaining in the unit.  If the weight exceeds the unit's carrying capacity, the loot must be dropped.
An unoccupied building can be burned by an attacking unit within VS of the building.  The attacker rolls a D6. If that number is equal to or less than the number of models in that unit, the building is set aflame and thereafter, treated as impassible terrain.
The defender gets VP for massacre points.  Defender gets massacre points for each attacking unit that ends the game entirely outside 12" of any building.  This is to prevent attackers from hiding far away from the village after seizing only a little loot.

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