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Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018 Head of Gaming Submissions

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Welcome back, everyone! That’s right. The Senate of Ordo Fanaticus is plotting to put on the best wargaming event in the PacNW, a little thing we like to call the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge.

No, this is not your run of the mill tournament. This is not a one day GT. This is not a tournament held at a convention. This is OFCC (not Sparta). It is an event we, the Senate, treasure enough to host each year. We do it to celebrate YOU, the Ordo Fanaticus Community. We want to repay you for all that you do for everyone else here on the boards, at your local gaming stores, and the spirit you bring with you to all of your games.

Now, down to business. OFCC is hosted by Ordo Fanaticus. We reserve 14,000 sqft of glorious, beautiful gaming space in downtown Vancouver for 3 days of gaming. We fill it with tournaments or gaming events run by individuals of the community. We call these people Heads of Gaming or HoGs. This post is our way to solicit you for submissions to be a HoG at the next OFCC, running August 24, 2018, through August 26, 2018.

If you want to be a HoG, send a submission with the following criteria to me via PM. We want a number of different gaming systems and events going on all weekend. Please, contact us, and let us know your idea. Even if you do not have all the details, put as much as you can into a submission and we can work with you to see how we can include it at OFCC.

Your admissions should be in this format (we even fill out some of it for you).

o   What: <Event Title>

o   When: OFCC 2018, August 24 thru August 26

o   Where: The Hilton in Downtown Vancouver

o   Why:

o   Number of Players (min/max):

o   Number of Days: One, two, or even three day events can be considered

o   Event Style: GT, Round Robin, Swiss pairings, etc. Go into as much detail as possible if there is no standard to compare to.

o   Budget: Monetary costs for tournament supplies, printing costs, awards, trophies, etc.

o   Missions and Scenarios: Get creative with it!

o   Point Value:

o   Scoring: We want to invite you to do scoring as you see fit with one of caveat: Sportsmanship is REQUIRED. We focus on Sportsmanship more than winning and want to celebrate all aspects of the hobby including generalship and painting.

o   Achievements and Awards: Extra things for your players to add fun and dynamic new twists.

Your proposal should include a brief summary of your vision for the event and why you wish to be Head of Gaming.

If selected, you will work with the Campaign Czar (that’s me, DisruptiveConduct) and others on the Senate in designing, organizing, and running the event. As an OFCC event, you may be required to make changes based on the needs of the event and to maintain the spirit of the event. This is especially true for our usual premiere events, the Team 40k 2 day and the Team Infinity event. Due to the potentially high number of projected participants, the HoGs for those systems should be prepared to be flexible with their proposal.

The last day to submit for HoG is December 9, 2017. The final selections for HoGs will be made in January 2018. Please start drafting your submissions as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to myself, ninefinger, or Raindog. We are all available to help.

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