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Another of my Maps 




The first level  sewer adventure that goes with it.....




The Well of the Harth


The Well of the Harth is a place where all are allowed to draw water from run off from Harbor Hill. The water is pure and tastes water from no other source.


The Well of the Harth is a place where all are allowed to draw water from run off from Harbor Hill. The water is pure and tastes water from no other source.


No one knows when the well was built, it has always been there. In truth, the well has been the favorite lair of the Naiad, Meka.


Lair of  the Naiad.


Meka, daughter of Kord, is a younger Naiad, and only a few hundred years old. Meka has seen the city grown around her home over the years. Shy, she dwells in caves and only emerges out of the her hidings spots at night or in the worst of storms.  Taking pride to provide pure and clean water to the town, Meka dwells in the Harth Well. If any one fall in her fell, she will save their lives with a breath water spell and then speak with them telepathically, after her curiosity is sated, she will wipe their memories and wave of water will spill them out of the well and onto land.


Meka the Naiad


AF 14 HP 33 Speed 30 foot/ 70 swim


S- D +3 Cn +1 I+2 W+1 Ch+2


Immunities: Only hit by magic weapons.


Spell Like Powers at Will:


Create Water- Up tp 100 gallons

Water Dagger - Melee +5 to hit, D4+2

Water Whip - Range +5 , up to 3 targets D4 +2

Mist Form -

Misty Step - Water Source (as little a puddle or rain)

Purify Water

Minor Heal - D4+2


Meka is disturbed with the presence of The Cult of the Claw Below and will hire the party for 78 gp, a +1 dagger, a small light stone 10 ft radius, and a wave token (allows a person to swim without aid or check for an hour.) to rid them of the presence below


The Ladder Down


A man-hole allows access to the sewer level below. It is the closet man-hole to cover to the Well of the Harth. It is a DC10 Investigate to find and a DC10 Strength or Athletics to open.


The ladder takes a DC2 Strength /Athletics  or Dex /Acrobatics to travel the 12 feet down.



The hall is a cool, moist old corridor. An old mosaic of a sea scape decorates the hall with more than one sea monster. The mosaic is in poor shape and could use some mending. A DC 14 Perception Roll, or if some one takes time a DC 12 Investigation Roll to see if party can notice if some one has added a claw from under water and a Sahuagin.




The door is thick oak and swollen and locked. The lock is simple, but rusted. It takes a DC 14 roll at disadvantage to open the lock or a DC 14, if the locked is mended.


The door creaks when opens, but is muted by rushing water from the overflow of the well.


Beyond the Door


Two hungry and angry guard dogs are chained to the shaded wall. They will start their round will an intimidation attack at  DC12 at disadvantage. They have 20 feet of chain and will chase to the end of their chain.


AF 12 HP 6 Speed 45


S+1 D+2 Cn+1 In-3 W+1 Ch-2


+3 D6+1


The dogs will attack until they have 1 Hp. At 1 Hp, they will cower.


The Curve


The curve is a natural cave carved by the water from the current of the stream. Over time, gutters have been added to extend to small sewer lines to allow the run off from the rain to reach the natural stream.


The pool is deep with a white cave fish and few crayfish. There are some sparkly objects at the bottom of the 18 foot pool, DC 18 to spot. There is a glass bottle on the bottom of am uncommon wine worth 5 gp and 152 cps (thrown as wishes).


The stream is 1 feet at the edges, but 5 feet deep in the center.  Under storms and heavy rains, the water is 2 feet deer and stretches across the cave. Under normal times, the water is a DC 4 (athletics or acrobatics) to cross. In a storm, the DC is 12 (athletics or acrobatics).


The Long Room


The Long Room start from a disused stair well accessed from a non-connected basement to Old Lady Elredda Bittersmith’s home. Bittersmith is nearly deaf and her expenses have been paid in exchange for the Deep Sea Trade House storing items in her basement. The basement has a door locked by a key and DC 14 check to the sub-level of the long room.


The Deep Sea Trade House has no real building or holdings in the city of the Dark Harbor. It is a ghost company.


At first, the Long Room is an extension of the store room above. Wooden boxes and crates, of dried fish, canned fish, and fish oil.


Four magical continual flame lanterns illuminate the Long Hall. The light in the room dances and at a DC Perception of 6 or less makes it seem there are moving shadows along the walls.


One Thug stands guard


Cult Thugs


AF 11 HP 11 Speed 30


S+2 D-Cn+1 In -1 W- Ch-


Armed with Axe Handle clubs and daggers.


+4 D4+2 hand to hand


The Thug will try to bluff and badger people to leave. You are on private property. You should not be here. Leave! Leave now. He will hit items with his club, but not attack unless attack. If brought to have Hit Points, he will run down the Elbow Hall way shouting, to warn others.


The Elbow Hall


The hall has no light and smells of fish and the sea. The hall ends in the a reinforced door. The door has a lock DC 14. If the thug makes it to the door, it will open just wide enough to let him inside.


Deep Sea Trade Company


On a reinforced oak door, hangs a sign indicating The Deep Sea Trade Company. The door is stout and cannot easily be broken or forced DC 20. Inside the room are  a desk, several wardrobes, and three thugs. The worn wardrobe on the lower corner has several red robes. Behind the robes is a small crack wide enough to allow one person to pass at a time.   


The room is equiped with an old map of the city. A subpar painting of a sailing vessel. A locked pay box with 275 cp, a ring of keys to the doors hanging on the walls..6 candles worth (2 cp each), a zippo style lighter, ledger books managed by a counting house in Thanesport (Remswich and Daughters, who won’t know anything about the Deep Sea trade House), and a few tools (crowbars, etc, and) and a magical continual flame lantern.


The Pocket Cave


If the party encountering the Deep Sea Trade Company makes a sufficient amount of noise, the pocket cave is covered in caltrops. DC 14 to spot (Perception). Make a Dex Check at 12 to pass through. For every 4 points the DC is missed by the person takes a point of damage and their speed is slowed by 10 feet. If the person critically fails, they fall and take and additional D4 damage. The caltrops take one turn to remove per caltrop.


The Little Elbow


The small elbow passage is marked with dozens of the symbol of the Claw Below. The symbols looks to be more recent  (last 5 months with a DC 12 Investigation)



The Narrow Passage


Thins wires and lines have been hung from the ceiling and walls. Attached to the thin wires and lines are fishing hooks, barbs, rat skull, twine spiders (fake spiders), and fetishes of claws and hands. Anybody passing through the passage without using a tool like a pole to move the items aside or crawling with be touched by the objects.




The objects snag clothes and skin. DC 16 to pass through or take D3 points of Damage


The Fetishes have a Bane Spell cast on them. SV DC 16 Wisdom or be effected by the Bane spell for 10 minutes.


The Sacrifice Room


Blood red light with light emitting from The Claw Below symbols carved in the 13 lanterns suspended from the ceiling. The red continual fire inside the lanterns cause the light to seem to leap about. The floor is moist. An iron smelling seaweed  covers the floor in layers. It is several inches thick. Odd aquatic insect scurry in and out of the vegetation.  Small bulbous pods grow from the seaweed. DC 14 Investigation of a pod with result in the investigating character to notice a small daemonic looking tadpole inside.


In the center of the room is a 4 table fashioned to resemble the Claw Below symbol. Stick is tied on the table, slowly mutating in to a Sahuagin. The amount of mutation depends on the time table.


In the early stages, Stick is unconscious, feverish and weak. In the middle stages, Stick is encased in a yellow-green translucent pod , gills and scales are forming. In the later stages, Stick’s pod has ruptured. He is a very scaly, green version of Stick.  In the later stages, Stick will awaken, greet a character, and then scramble up the crack on the corner of the room, squeeze through and dive into the stream.


The Smaller Streams


If the party moves along the smaller streams, they will collect Sahuagites as they use light and make noise.  If the party rests, drips blood into the water, or tries to swim in the water. They will be attacked by 2D4+1 Sahuagites.  There are on 23 total, so any killed cannot be replace. They will not attack in groups smaller than 3 (unless there is one person who is badly wounded.




Small, mammals mutated into semi-amphibious, two legged, fanged frog monsters by the same process used on Stick.


AF 14 HP 3 Speed 30/30 swim/


S-1 D+2 Cn -1 I-2 W-3 Ch-3


Bite 1, Sv Cn 10 or bleed 1 pt Damage per turn until healed or save is made.


Frenzy. If they attack a wounded, bleeding target, they attack at advantage, but all attacks against them are at advantage.


Pack Tactics. Sahuagites prefer to swarm one target at a time.


Jump. Being frog-like, the Sahuagites can jump up to 3-4 feet high and 8 feet long.


Sahuagites will attack people holding (torches) or wielding fire last until they are frenzied.




The Formal Sewer


The streams feed into a long passage, the sewer flows in a swift, 8 feet deep, 3 foot wide channel. A small tunnel is 4 feet above the floor. Water seeps  from the small tunnel under boards and boxes that fashioned a small barricade. If the area is searched, there is a small oil lamp, two flasks of oil, a flint and tinder, and a mechanical music box that sounds like a barking dog when it is wound up.


If the characters have not encounter the Sahuagites yet, activating the music box with bring a pack to investigate the noise.


Little Stair


This stair is two feet wide and relatively clean and free of debris.


Access Tunnel


A ladder down a man hole off an little used alley connects the street to an access tunnel created in a generation of the city that no longer exits. The tunnel extends to another stream and can be used for future adventures. The main purpose to lead to the Little Stair.





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