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Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018 - Event and HoG Announcement


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Greetings, Ordoites!

I am proud to announce the line up of events and the Heads of Gaming for the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018!

Warhammer 40k 2 Day Team Tournament - @evil_bryan

Infinity 2 Day Team Tournament - @Raindog

Ordo Bowl II 2 Day Tournament - @Weav

The 9th Age Fantasy Battles 2 Day Team Tournament - @TheBeninator

Age of Sigmar 2 Day Singles Tournament - @MikhailLenin

Warhammer 30k 2 Day Event - @In Matt We Trust

Star Wars: Armada 2 Day Team Tournament - @shmitty

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 1 Day Tournament - @deadwing34

Kings of War Friday 1 Day Tournament - @gilgamesh

Infinity Friday Face-punch 1 Day Tournament - @Jay

I would like the community to give all the Heads of Gaming a big "Thank you!" for volunteering to run these events.

While this is currently an extensive list of events, we can always add more. If you see this announcement and think "I can do that!", we'll then please send me a PM! or ninefinger! We would love to hear what you want to do with this gaming weekend.

The Senate continues to plan and design the official schedule and other events (Pub Quiz, anyone?). We plan to have multiple terrain days and Senate meetings on our way to OFCC.

Please keep an eye out on the OFCC subforum to reflect the above list of events and contain all the information you need to attend.

For the Good of the Order!

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