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This Is Not a Test, or TNT for short, is a (relatively new) post-apoc skirmish warband game published by Worlds End Publishing.   The rules  can be used for any post-apocalyptic world, but the official setting begins in the heart of the Tri-State Wasteland, a part of the old Mid-Atlantic States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Each player builds a warband to combat other warbands, hostile creatures, and sometimes, the hostile environment.  After each game, the warbands calculate their rewards, determine stat & skill advances, buy new equipment, and roll to determine the fate of those models taken out of action during game play.  At present, TNT does not include rules for cars, but I know for certain that these rules are in the works.

TNT has its own small model line, but players are certainly welcome to use models from other manufacturers. 


The current list of factions:

  • Caravanners -well armed merchants
  • Mutants - both peaceful and warlike flavors
  • Mutant Cannibals -'The Hills Have Eyes'
  • Peacekeepers - wasteland rangers and security for hire
  • Preservers - tech heads with pre-fall weapons and equipment
  • Raiders -Road Warrior leather, spikes, and mohawks
  • Renegade Reclaimers - Preservers with an attitude
  • Remnant Warbands - a conglomeration of survivors from other warbands
  • Settlers - "townies" (militia and armed citizens)
  • Tribals - "primitives" who reject technology
  • Totem Tribals - tribals who worship one of the four wasteland spirits
  • And.... a mystery faction to be released after Adepticon.

You can download free demo rules HERE

The TNT supplements include the Eat, Prey, Live Scenario Pack, the Kickstart the Wasteland Expansion, the Mutant Cannibals Supplement, and the long awaited Wasteland Companion, which went on sale today!  LINKY



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We played a campaign at Dark Tower last year.  It was a blast.  I think that the new Warband Ranks rules will make it even better.

Our last game was a 4-way king-of-the-hill type scenario.  After four turns (we ran out of time) the Washington State Troops, a Peacekeeper warband, was declared the winner.



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Over the past few months I've been so busy with SAGA, I didn't notice the release of TNT's newest supplement, Absolutely Dangerous.

Woohoo! LINKY


Absolutely Dangerous: The Big Book of Relics, Robots, and Other Deadly Technologies is an expansion for This Is Not a Test, a 28mm wargame set in a post-apocalyptic United States, where warbands fight for survival, power, and greed. A celebration of the hubris of man and the danger of technology run amok, this expansion rulebook features:

Full Robot Warband Rules – Long requested and now delivered, robots now have their own full warband. Lead your metal warriors with a networked Custodian Alpha MK IV or skip a physical leader altogether and take an AI Shard. While your warband will include a lot of the ubiquitous Depend-o-Bots, you can also take towering Demo-Bots or over-gunned and heavily armored Kill-Bots, crush your enemies with the aptly named Crushinator, or take Robo-Animals for all your robot canine needs. Of course, the robot warband features unique Warband Ranks, and with all their options, robots are one of the most thematic and expansive warbands to date.

New Special Rules – Robots get unique abilities called Upgrades. With over 30 upgrades to choose from, your robots can be equipped with flexiarms, hover units, tank treads, assassin protocols, and other fun and deadly options.

New Freelancers – Available to all warbands, these robots bring the party. (Literally. There is a robot called Party Bot.) But your warband can also hire the Mad Roboticist to repair your wayward bots or hire the deceptively misnamed Little Cutie, a lethal robotic toy that likes to hide and murder things.

New Robot Relics – As befitting their unique options, robots get exclusive relics such as the powerfully sharp plasma cutter and the shockingly potent electro-fists.

New Scenarios – Six brand new scenarios are included. Hunt the reality-bending Quantum Wanderer or even field your own mini-team of robots in Robot Rumble. In Electronic Devils, you must contend with a Viral AI, and in Suddenly Cyborg, robots hide out among the warbands, awaiting the perfect time to reveal themselves. Additionally, for the first time, the iconic Die, Robot scenario first featured in Wargames Illustrated is reprinted. Finally, we have Robot Raid, a fun scenario written by Andrew R. Martin for the 2017 TNT Community challenge. These scenarios are not just for robots; they can be used to challenge any warband!

New Relics – Featuring new weapons abilities like cryo, irradiate, and haywire, this book features over 30 new relics. Blast over your opponents with hover board, freeze them with the cryocannon, light them up with the tri-beam laser, or simply burn them with the Lil’ Pyro.

Power Armor Upgrades – A new type of relic option, power armor upgrades let you customize that fancy suit of power armor your warband worked so hard to get. From elaborate paint schemes to extra stowage because everyone loves pockets to booster jets because half-ton armor should be able to fly like a brick.


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It turns out that Absolutely Dangerous is not the newest TNT expansion.  The Big Book of Scenarios! is the newest.  


I've been waiting for a long while for this release.  It includes one of my submissions to the scenario contest, the Interrupted Ritual.  


The Big Book of Scenarios is packed with 20 scenarios written by some of the best fans in the world. Created as part of the This Is Not a Test (TNT) Scenario Community Challenge, these scenarios in this book were deemed the best of the best and are now ready to challenge your warbands.
Featured scenarios include:

Rad Roach Roundup (First Place Winner) – Charged with rounding up a settlement’s food supply, players have their warbands wrangle ornery rad roaches into their enclosures. This is easier said than done as warbands have to be cautious as combat can overexcite the roaches.

The Preacher (Second Place Winner) – This scenario is a treasure hunt with a rad zombie twist. Warbands must survive the irradiated undead to loot the corpse of a fallen preacher. Rumors say there is a powerful relic stashed away with the dead clergyman’s holy book.

Wasteland Bases (Third Place Co-Winner) – Not one, but five separate scenarios where your warband must find a base, build it up, and defend it; all the while attacking enemy bases. With plenty of options for customization and rules for resource gathering, this fun campaign brings a near real-time strategy game feel to the TNT wasteland.

The TNT Tribal Campaign (Third Place Co-Winner) – This thematic campaign is a clever set of five warband specific scenarios featuring wasteland tribals, either played with a tribal warband or featuring the tribals as recurring foils for the warbands. In this campaign your warband delves deep into tribal culture by appeasing the wasteland spirits through sacred rights, protecting refugees during a forced migration, and even stopping ritual sacrifices.

Eight Other Exciting Scenarios – Great for one-off gaming or easily inserted into an ongoing campaign, these scenarios contain assorted of fun wasteland activities like battling deranged cultists, raiding a underground vault, stalking through bat-haunted ruins, and much, much more!
All this and more can be found inside!

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It Came From The Wastes! is the newest TNT supplement.  Inspired by low budget monster movies, this supplement provides rules rules for battling really big wasteland beasties.




Big Behemoths – Equal to any single warband, behemoths are giant monsters that can throw cars, shoot powerful eye beams, or crush puny humans and mutants with claws twice the size of a man. This book is totally about them!

Build Your Own Behemoth – Full rules are included for designing behemoths using a point-buy system.  You can build whatever you want: a giant robot that can shoot missiles, a massive radioactive dragon, building sized insects, a 50 foot tall woman!  If you can dream it, you can make it.

Scalable Destruction –The rules take into account different sizes of behemoths.  While a small warband might challenge a behemoth with 10 wounds, only the truly best warbands can take on the 20 wound mega-monsters!

Behemoth Fighting Time – Not content with behemoths smashing your puny warbands?  Want to pit your giant monstrosity against other behemoths? We totally have rules for that.

New Scenarios – Three brand new scenarios are included.  In The Trouble Between Us two warbands try to fight each other while a behemoth rampages across the battlefield While in the aptly named Dishonorable Duty, your warbands must collect valuable behemoth “droppings”.  Finally, a brand new solo scenario where your warband must recover valuable relics while avoiding a behemoth running amok.

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