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This Is Not A Test Campaign

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The long awaited Wasteland Companion is finally here, so it’s time for another TNT campaign - Springtime In The Wasteland. e14114.gif

The Wasteland Companion contains new mutations, skill, general abilities, Specialists, and equipment.  Players may now go to the sawbones in the hopes of healing permanent wounds and use XP advances to get rid of unfavorable general abilities, such as Ragtag or Dumb.  Mutant warbands may hire any non-robot Freelancer and give it the mutant type. 

The first campaign game night is scheduled for April 3rd.

If you are new to TNT and you’d like to take a look at the rules, you can download free demo rules HERE.  If you want to watch it played, go HERE


 All warbands will be created from scratch (sorry no veteran warbands). Each player has 400 BS to recruit his or her warband. The campaign will last 6+ weeks (depending upon interest). Warbands are permitted to participate in two campaign games per week - the weekly campaign scenario plus a scenario selected by the players. The campaign will end in a king-of-the-hill style four-way game, fought by the top four warbands (calculated by warband cost) or between the four players who bother to show up. e14136.gif

Players may use the warbands, Specialists, and freelancers found in the TNT Rulebook, the Kickstart the Wasteland Expansionthe Mutant Cannibals Supplement, and the Wasteland Companion.

We will be using all of the new rules found in the Wasteland Companion, including all the optional rules and errata.

The new Warband Ranks system slows down a leaders personal development, but in exchange, allows the leader to buy abilities that benefit the whole warband.  

Skills will be randomly generated using the tables in the Companion. Per the random skill rules leaders may pick the Motivator skill during warbamd creation and if a model rolls the Iron Discipline skill, the play may elect to reroll. 

The Wasteland Companion includes a new Wasteland Exploration Deck. During the income generation phase, players draw cards as normal. Once the cards have been drawn, a player may, on a card by card basis, select either the result from the old deck or the new deck. Once resolved the drawn cards are placed in the player’s campaign discard pile as normal. 

More details to follow...


The Wasteland Companion is only available as a pdf download ($11.99), but you aren't required to own a copy to play in the campaign.  Upon request, I will provide hard copies of the relevant rules.


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"Yeah, bleed on the man-eating plant. Always a good plan."  -The last words of Rowland the Reckless, Caravan Runner



The Springtime in the Wasteland campaign kicks off at Dark Tower Games on Tuesday, April 3rd at 5:30 pm. 



The Springtime in the Wasteland campaign is scheduled to last 5 weeks.  On week 6, players with the four highest warband rankings will be invited to play in the Final Brawl, where they will compete to determine the overall campaign winner.  If all four of the highest ranking warbands do not show up, anyone who does show up (on a first come first serve basis) can substitute for the missing player(s).

In addition to the grudging respect of his or her fellow wastelanders, the overall winner will receive a TNT Gas Mask Girl miniature, made by Worlds End Publishing.



Each warband is permitted to play a maximum of two games per campaign week -one campaign scenario plus one scenario selected by the players.  Each Tuesday, at Dark Tower, I will hand out hard copies of the current week’s campaign scenario.  Players who are not in attendance can receive an electronic copy by sending me a PM.



Warbands are permitted to play make-up games in subsequent weeks, so long as the maximum games played does not exceed two games per campaign week limit (it’s “Cap”).  For example, if it’s the third week of the campaign and a warband has played only 2 games, it may play an additional 4 games to catch up to the Week 3 limit of 6 games.



All campaign games must be played between two or more campaign players.  If a warband cannot arrange a game with a warband that has not yet reached its Cap, it may play against a ‘Capped’ warband.  After the game the ‘Capped’ warband skips the campaign phase and operates in all ways as if the game had not occurred.  Thus, it does not gain XPs, income, or injuries.  If a model in the Capped warband was required to skip a game, this game does not count towards the waiting period. 



All of these games and the subsequent campaign phases are being played on the honor system, however, all rolls made during the campaign phase must be observed by another campaign player. If you cannot schedule time with another player, you may ask another player, via email or text, to make the rolls for you.



Campaign participants will be given access to a Google Drive folder containing modified warband rosters and additional TNT pdf resources. 

Additionally, the first campaign game will be a rescue mission of sorts involving some Hill Folk and a nasty creature(s) of the wastes.  This scenario requires additional models, which I will supply.  Win or lose, each player gets to keep one of the Hill Folk models (supplied unpainted).  I've purchased Lead Adventure's Atomic Mob models to serve as our Hill Folk.  You can lay claim to your model right now, by replying to this thread with: (1) your name, (2) the faction you intend to play, (3) your warband's name, and (4) the number located above the model you want to claim.  If you do not provide all four pieces of information, your claim will not be recognized.  If you fail to show up by 7:00 pm on April 3rd you forfeit your claim, but you still get a model, which you may select from the remaining models.



I want to clarify the random skill rule for players who are new to TNT.  The Optional Skill Table rule (aka random skill rule) does not completely supersede the Models Choose Skills rule found under Warband Creation on page 69 of the main rulebook. If a model's Special Rules section states that a model begins with a particular skill or skills then that model begins the campaign with those skills.  Skills are rolled randomly only when the model's Special Rules section indicates that the player may choose skills or during campaign play when a model gains a skill advance.

In some rare instances a model's Special Rules section gives the player the choice between two specific skills. In these instance the random skill rule does not apply to that selection.  The player selects between the two skills as normal.  For example, the Peacekeeper's Line Breaker entry reads: "Starts with either the Brute or Strong Point skill (choose one)."  Since the player is given the choice of two specific skills, the random skill rule is not applied.  Instead, the player selects either Brute or Strong Point as the Line Breaker's starting skill.



For this campaign, replace the 'Level Up' entry with the following language:

Level Up (10 EXP) - The leader may buy an advance.  Contrary to the usual rules for Buying Warband Ranks, this rank may be taken multiple times.  However, this rank cannot be purchased if the last rank purchased was 'Level Up'.  In other words, a Leader may not select this rank twice in a row.


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3 hours ago, Wiccus said:

Also if people are interested I have a group of unpainted models that would make good peace keepers or preservers that I would be willing to loan you.

I might very well take you up on that Joey. I am very interested in getting into the campaign, but don't have any TNT appropriate models of my own. I'll have a look at the rules that were linked and see which faction I'd prefer. Would save me from having to order something. 

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Ended up picking up the PDF expansion. Not a fan of non-physical books but I'd like to support this TNT venture more. Could print it too I suppose. I think the Washington State Troops will spend some time consolidating territory before being stretched too thin, and also hopefully make peace deals with the more amenable factions they came to blows with in the Southern Exodus Expansion.


"That said... Innsmouth, Cults, Mutants? There is a high probability of lost tech being pilfered by these unworthies, and an even higher probability of their misuse of these sanctified artifacts. I humbly suggest our full complement, Lord Reclaimer. They are free to give up their lives if they will not give up their holy relics." - Tech-Bearer Josaiah Cripley to Lord Reclaimer Maximus Devron, prior to the Merciful Crusade for the Betterment of Mankind.



Preservers/Renegade Reclaimers

Knights Machina or The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Maximus and of the Order of St. Horowitz


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Great intro, Jake.  You always add a lot to our campaigns.

We are at 6 players and counting.

I hope Jim can join us.  In addition to being a pleasure to play against, I'd love to see what kind of kooky warband he puts together. 

Even though my cultist mutants are fully painted, I'm going to use Lead Adventure's Contaminated Seas models for this campaign.  The campaign takes place in and around the ruins of Seattle, so the models should be right at home. 





The fisherman theme lets me play around with some Cthulhu themes as well, hence the name of my settlers' settlement, New Innsmouth.

I bought the mini below on eBay.  It's from the Lobotomy board game.  When I was planning to play my fishermen as Caravanners, it was going to be a Mutant Emissary.  Now it will be either a Missionary or a Wandering Mutant freelancer.



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If anyone is interested in seeing sample batreps of TNT being played, Miniwargaming on Youtube has an entire season of a narrative campaign that they did last year. If you are more of a visual person, like me, then this may help you come to grips with how a campaign of TNT might look like, the turn order, certain game mechanics, etc. Be sure to look for Season 1 since all of those episodes are free to watch, whereas their new second season has the batreps in their "pay to watch" Vault. 

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17 hours ago, JMGraham said:

I'm planning on it! Just got to make time for the rules before I can claim a spot.

Jim, the core rules and Warband creation are fairly simple.

Each player has 400 barter scrip (BS) to buy their Warband.  Small warbands struggle, so I recommend starting out with 7-9 models. Starting out, most players will equip models with one weapon and little else. Leaders and Elites will likely have a bit more equipment. 

A Warband: 

  • must include 1 Leader;
  • can include a max of 3 Elites;
  • can include 1 Specialist for every 3 non-Specialists;
  • can include any number of Rank & File; and
  • can include 1 Freelancer during initial Warband creation.


Skills will be randomized per the new rules in the Wasteland Companion, but your leader may select the Motivator skill.

Medic is a very useful ability, so if your faction has access to a model with this ability, recruit one early on. If your Warband doesn’t, then think about recruiting a Sawbones Freelancer.

Only models with the Up-Armed ability can be equipped with Support Weapons.

Models with the Rag-Tag rule can have a max of 15 BS of equipment.

Most warbands can start out with a max of 2 relics. Once campaign play starts you’ll have to make a rarity roll to find relics.


Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of the factions:

  • Caravanners -well armed merchants
  • Mutants - both peaceful and warlike flavors
  • Mutant Cannibals -'The Hills Have Eyes'
  • Peacekeepers - wasteland rangers and security for hire
  • Preservers - tech heads with pre-fall weapons and equipment
  • Raiders -Road Warrior leather, spikes, and mohawks
  • Renegade Reclaimers - Preservers with an attitude
  • Remnant Warbands - a combination of survivors from other warbands
  • Settlers - "townies" (militia and armed citizens)
  • Tribals - "primitives" who reject technology
  • Totem Tribals - tribals who worship one of the four wasteland spirits

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So, clearing up the new advancement:

-It looks like random for character creation as well, correct?

-So you pick the skillset you want to roll for, roll 2d10 and consult the table. If you get doubles I'm assuming you get what you get without choosing from two skills.

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2 minutes ago, Scipiano said:

So, clearing up the new advancement:

-It looks like random for character creation as well, correct?

-So you pick the skillset you want to roll for, roll 2d10 and consult the table. If you get doubles I'm assuming you get what you get without choosing from two skills.

Yes to all of your questions.

Remember, during warband creation a Leader can select the Motivator skill.  Any time you roll Iron Discipline, you may elect to reroll that result.


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Should we post what our rolls were on this thread and what skill trees we rolled under? In the OP you stated that we are using the honor system for rolls in this campaign and that all advancement rolls need to be made in the presence of a campaign member. Also, when it comes to order of operations do we buy equipment for our guys before or after we roll for their skills? I would hope it's after, but just double checking.

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