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31 minutes ago, PaladinX said:

Has anyone found this year's Adepticon seminar online yet? If you do, could you post the link here?  Thanks in advance!


Riotgrrl Painting posted a live recording to facebook of the entire seminar - https://www.facebook.com/riotgrrlpainting/videos/903298376519161/

Also tons of pics taken and posted by Spud Spudlington to the WGC Infinity facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/WGCInfinity/search/?query=adepticon seminar spud


Lots of exciting stuff!


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Caledonian Mormaer - AP HMG -May
Vet kazaks - June


Hakim and Nasmats


Tanko - May

Keisotsu - June


Zoe and Pi -Well - May

Hecklers Hacker

Hollow Men 


Tunguska Box - Hollow Men, Heckler, Kriza, Securitate x3 


Magisters - Sexy Magisters
De Fersen - May

Yu - Jing 

Support Pack  -June

Zhanshi Gocheng -Engineer
Zhanshi Yisheng - Doctor

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