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New CA player, wants help

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Hey there. 

My name is Walker, and for the past year and a half I have been playing Warhammer with the guys in Ohio led by Sean, or Xaiver on here. But more recently, since many 40k factions don't have codecies, we've been doing infinity escalation leagues. After going through a couple, I feel I have began to understand the basis of the tactics for the game (though with a game like this I can always improve there), but I am pretty unsure about list construction for my faction, Combined Army. I can't decide whether to run the Onyx Sectorial and go without smoke, or to run base CA and go without fire teams. And in general, I'm a little shaky on the best synergies between models either army.

Any advice on this or CA armies as a whole would be greatly appreciated.



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Personally, I'd suggest going with vanilla first. Sectorials add a whole new level of complication that newer players just don't need when they're trying to take on that learning curve (and it's a steep one, trust me.) As far as synergies go, a lot of it is just experimentation and experience. I'm not a CA player, so I can't offer any specifics. You learn about synergies and piece trading and stuff like that through playing games. Honestly, if everyone is new, don't do escalation leagues. Just play small games until everyone is comfortable. Start out at 150 points. Play a dozen games at that level. Then move up to 200. Then 250, and finally to 300. It can be overwhelming to be diving straight into a 15 order, 300 point list where you have to keep track of so many guys with all their different rules. Start slow, play learning games, experiment, and practice, practice, practice. 

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Hi Walker!

Personally, and you will hear this a lot, go with the faction you like the look of. Then you get to know those rules and learn to play with them. With Onyx, it's ok to not have smoke. You have things like TO Camo and such to help you get around. I personally started with the Morat Aggression Force. Space monkeys for the win! They are a great starting army as they have the Morat rule which includes Veteran level 1 and religious troop. They ignore Retreat, Loss of Lieutenant. and isolation. This means they just keep pushing forward and remain regular in the face of ultimate doom. There are some troops in the MAF that do not have the Morat rule like Dr Worm, the doctor/engineer. He would still be subject to those negative effects. 

Vanilla is a good option if you want to try out many different flavors of CA. Speculo Killer and Charontid are some very effective killing machines. The Avatar is always fun to run and turn enemy troops into your mindless zombies. 

Onyx can be very versatile in the way they are used. They have a few fireteam options like Rodoks with a Umbra Samaritan or a team of Unidrons that your hacker can give Marksmanship level 2. That gives them shock ammo and they ignore cover mods when determining their FTF rolls and that gives them a great advantage. Haris teams with a Samaritan and two Xenodrons can be very scary and highly mobile. Also this sectorial has a large access to Plasma ammo weapons that can be deadly to most troops. 

I don't know very much about Shasvasti other than they are plant people-ish... LOL!

Let me know if I can answer any other questions or be of help of any kind!


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Hey walker,

ive been playing CA as my only army for a bit over a year. I started with onyx and it’s what I have the most experience with. I’m playing morats for most of 2018 to learn them, then moving on to Vanilla.

I find that in onyx, not having smoke isn’t as much of a negative as you might think. It teaches you some things that you might not learn otherwise, such as utilizing cautious move, planning your turn carefully, and not exposing yourself to unfavorable Face to faces.  That being said, it’s a fairly straightforward sectorial, apply plasma to the face and then move up with TO specialists as needed, with some nice tricks such as a noctifer missile launcher.  As George said there are some fun fire teams as well.

In the sectorial vs vanilla debate, I tend toward the school of thought that vanilla can be a bit overwhelming in the unit selection phase because there are so many different options. Sectorials have less options to choose from, and while Fire teams seem complicated, they really aren’t too bad to learn, especially maybe starting with a defensive unidron link. However there are some really great units in vanilla ca. 

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