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2018 OFCC 40K - Calling All Captains !!! - Get Your Approvals!

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14 hours ago, Limey_ElJonson said:

Underdogs! We have been remiss this year due to personal issues but we will be there, even if we don't have a clue what we're doing 😛

@Limey_ElJonson Yes! It will be great to have you.

Is it still A Club Underdogs, or just Team Underdogs this year?

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@VonVilkee @Craeat @WestRider @Edosaurus Rex @Tallbeard @Manethak @Xavier319 @peter.cosgrove @DisruptiveConduct @zcaust83 @Limey_ElJonson @Frowbakk

I have updated the the 40K Captains group and you should all now have access to the 40K Captain's forum below.


This forum is just available for you and can be used to arrange challenge matches, seek advice from veteran captains, discuss army list power level, or engage in some good old fashion trash talking. You are not required to use that forum for those type of discussions, but it is available to you as you need it. 🙂

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