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SP '18 The Hot Knives

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The Hot Knives are at odds with their fellow Eschers because their ranks include a small yet substantial number of men. The Knives have discovered a way to (mostly) repair the male half of the Escher genetic line. Their exact methodology is a secret they will kill to protect.

My gang lineup: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/The_Hot_Knives.9083/

Chosen Tactics:

  1. Side by Side (Escher)
  2. Scrag (Escher)
  3. Stealthy Advance (Escher)
  4. Ultra-Violence (Escher)
  5. Put Them Down (Escher)
  6. Counter-Charge (Escher)
  7. Three Point-Landing (Escher)
  8. ...Click (General)
  9. Reaction Fire (General)
  10. Group Tactics (General)
  11. Fire Discipline (General)




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