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Tallarn Commander

Tallarn Commander's Chaos (Chaos Terminators and Greater Possessed Completed)

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And another project completed...


Last week I finished up another batch of 6 DisciplesJulyDisciplesBatch2.jpg


Comms Officer Enok, he keeps the Nostroman 9th's officers in contact with their rank and fileJulyDisciplesBatch2Enok.jpg


Sergeant Zoica, she can be quite brutal with her adzeJulyDisciplesBatch2Zoica.jpg


Gaur, and his friend Gibbon the ork headJulyDisciplesBatch2Gaur.jpg


Kurx and Svar, lascannon gunnersJulyDisciplesBatch2KurxandSvar.jpg


Pater, he can also be used as a character, Marauder Chieftain, or line trooper JulyDisciplesBatch2Pater1of2.jpgJulyDisciplesBatch2Pater2of2.jpg


More to follow...

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And last week I also finished up a batch of 6 "greatcoat" troopers...


They can also be used to fill various roles, Militia, Cultists, Marauders, Disciples, etcJulyGreatcoatsBatch2.jpg


Trooper AnokJulyDisciplesBatch2Anok.jpg


Cthulu, he would also be great as a Renegade Commander, Enforcer, etcJulyGreatcoatsCthulu.jpg


Master Sergeant Warptouch



Trooper Bullets, he was told to put a Chaos Star on his coat. Something was lost in translation. 🙂JulyGreatcoatsBullets2of2.jpgJulyGreatcoatsBullets1of2.jpg


And my last image, Trooper HeldaneJulyGreatcoatsHeldane.jpg


You will see some, but not all, of these models at the OFCC. You will definitely see the sentinels and a decent number of the R&H infantry.


Enjoy the pics!

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Hello everyone,


I'm looking forward to this weekend's OFCC. I'll be bringing a Night Lords battalion and a Renegades and Heretics battalion as part of Team Infil-traitors.


To test out my list I recently got in a test game. I lost horribly (my list is rather casual) but I had a blast. I killed 3 Eldar units and my opponent killed 17 Chaos units. 🙂


Here are some pics:

The forces of Chaos arrayed before the battleAugustvsEldar2.jpg

The tricksy elves before the battleAugustvsEldar3.jpg



The Death Bats Squad move their Reaper Autocannon into position, it would do 1 wound to a Wave Serpent before dyingAugustvsEldar6.jpg




Vox Officer Enok and Trooper October (who is my favorite R&H infantry model) move up with 5th Militia SquadAugustvsEldar10.jpg



Master Sergeant Warptouch bellows at the rank and fileAugustvsEldar8.jpg



BloodLady is shot to death by the Eldar air force, but explodes doing 11 wounds!AugustvsEldar21.jpg



2nd Squad's Champion, Lobo, hangs out with 2 troopers and the WIP Leman Russ, Khorne's IreAugustvsEldar12.jpgf



Hound of Chaos takes lascannon potshots at Wave SerpentsAugustvsEldar17.jpg



The Nostroman 9th's black market "fixer," Ghoulmoney, advances up the board with 5th Squad



Khorne's Ire petulantly stares down the Eldar air force before being blown to bitsAugustvsEldar27.jpg


Hound of Chaos scrums with ScorpionsAugustvsEldar25.jpg



And then is targeted by Fire DragonsAugustvsEldar30.jpg



Warpsmith Hoth and Master of Possession Bolivar whittle down a Banshee SquadAugustvsEldar24.jpg






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And I recently finished up 5 more R&H infantry and 2 traitor Leman Russes. Here are some pics:


All 5 troopersJuly Disciples Batch 4 Completed.jpg








July Disciples Batch 4 Bale Front.jpg

July Disciples Batch 4 Bale Rear.jpg




July Disciples Batch 4 Wirewolf.jpg




July Disciples Batch 4 Duqud.jpg




July Disciples Batch 4 Oracle.jpg


2 Leman Russes, Reaver and Khorne's Ire








Now I only have to paint names on the bases of 24 troopers and then I'm ready for OFCC.


Nostroman 9th, "Hell's horde."

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Hello everyone,


I had a great time at Ordo this year. My chaos army (Night Lords teamed up with Renegades and Heretics) lost 4 games and tied 1. All my opponents were very nice and all my games were very enjoyable. Here are a baker's dozen photos from the event.


Shot of the Night Lords with their Nostroman 9th mercenariesArmyPics1.jpg



Blood Angels fliers target the Chaos line1stGame4.jpg


Traitor Leman Russ Khorne's Ire lays down a base of fire1stGame5.jpg


Awe-inspiring black and red Death Company liquidates Chaos Militia1stGame6.jpg


Trooper Chillgibber and his squad fight impressive blue and purple Genestealer hybrids2ndGame6.jpg



BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer and 7th Squad assault the Genestealer Cult line2ndGame7.jpg


5th Squad charges Wraithblades3rdGame12.jpg


888 the Blood Slaughterer kills a breathtaking Wraithseer while 5th Squad mops up some Dire Avengers3rdGame13.jpg


Deffy the Defiler and BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer face off against AdMech Dragoons4thGame3.jpg


1st Militia Squad in melee with Vanguard4thGame8.jpg


888 slices up a gorgeous Admech underground vehicle thingie4thGame17.jpg


Stormtroopers slay Cultists in the trenches. This battle felt like a Gaunt's Ghosts novel.5thGame10.jpg


7th Squad's Mutant Rabble battles some beautiful Mordians 5thGame13.jpg


As always, OFCC was great fun! Thanks to all my opponents and all my team-mates on Team Infil-Traitors!



Night Lords, "The quick and the dead."

Nostroman 9th, "Hell's horde."


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Yes, it was a fun game! I posted a longer write up as well as a link to our 2017 game on my Bolter and Chainsword Chaos blog. If you're interested, here's the link:





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Hello everyone, 


I got in a very fun game against an Ork player at Meeples Games in West Seattle. This was my first time at Meeples and I loved the place. Great players and a great atmosphere.


I brought 2000 points of my Night Lords and they got trounced. But the opponent was very nice and his Ork army was gorgeous. Here are some pics:



Orks vs Night Lords before the game beginsAugustvsOrks2.jpg




Orks vs Night Lords, bottom of Turn 1AugustvsOrks7.jpg


Night Lord from the Prone Predators CSM Squad cowering before his squad is wiped out by a Boyz assaultAugustvsOrks11.jpg


A gorgeous and deadly Ork plasma jet of doooooom (that's probably not the model's official name, but it should be)AugustvsOrks3.jpg



Rhinos Dragonne and Night Masque along with Daemon Prince AzrathAugustvsOrks6.jpg


The Bats Out of Hell, a squad of 4 Chaos Bikers with 2 plasmas and a power axeAugustvsOrks5.jpg


Ork Warboss on a bike with his boyz about to charge the Ork linesAugustvsOrks14.jpg



The surviving Night Lords: Azrath, remnants of 2 CSM squads, Raptor Lord Duvalier, and 3 Bezerkers after they have wiped out a Boyz Squad on Turn 2AugustvsOrks13.jpg



Biker Sorceress ChamorroAugustvsOrks18.jpg



Raptor Lord Duvalier, I love the Claws of the Black HuntAugustvsOrks16.jpg

It's the only good Night Lords thing: when I take their warlord trait I always forget it, morale debuffs rarely hurt anyone, and I never care enough about my infantry to spend 1 CP to give them a better cover save  🙂  


In addition, I'm down to about 57 or so unpainted models. I hope to finish painting all my 40K models by the end of the year (knocks on head). Here are some pics of my remaining unpainted models.












Enjoy the pics!




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Hello everyone,

I hope your efforts to cope with the Coronavirus are going well. I live in the Kirkland, WA, the Washington state epicenter of the virus. Morale at work (which is a Fred Meyers) is pretty low and worries are high. So to entertain myself I thought I'd update my Ordo Fanaticus Chaos blog.

It's been 6 months since my last post so it's high time I update ya'all with my Chaos exploits. 


Since last August I've finished 3 projects. The first is a batch of 16 Chaos Hounds (for Renegades and Heretics) or Flesh Hounds (for Khorne Daemons)Feb Hounds 10 of 15 all 15 of em.jpgFeb Hounds 12 of 15 Nharax.jpg


I also finished Valkia the Bloody, a Chaos Sorceress with jump pack and force sword or a Chaos Lord with jump pack and Murder SwordMarch4ValkiafromFront.jpg

Valkia is the first model in a Chaos warband of my own design, the Warpborn. None of the warband members were ever Adeptes Astartes. Instead, the were all spawned/created in the depths of the Warp using unique Chaos-developed geneseed. It will be a small Possessed-heavy warband, probably not exceeding 1,000 points. 



And I completed Annika, a Disciples Champion, Enforcer, or Renegade Commander for my Renegades and Heretics army, the Nostroman 9thMarch5Annikafront.jpg


Here is a photo of Valkia and Annika togetherMarch1ValkiaandAnnika.jpg



And I managed to get in a game back in January. I brought both my Tallarn IG and my Night Lords CSM and played a demo game with a friend, 1,000 points a side. He chose to use the Tallarns and I used the Night Lords. It was a great game. In the end he won and we both had a blast.



The board on Turn 11 The board on Turn 1.jpg


Tallarn armored sentinel moves up with infantry squad in support4 Tallarn armored sentinel moves up with infantry squad in support.jpg


Night Lords Chaos Marine squad moves into some ruins14 Chaos Marines Death Bats Squad moves into the ruins.jpg


Harry the Helbrute says hi to a Tallarn sentinel6 Harry the Helbrut fistbumps a Sentinel to death.jpg



And then Tallarn plasma gunners and lascannons say hi to Harry7 Harry says hi to Red One Squad.jpg


Tallarn Lieutenant Rushdies duels the Bezerker Gormenghast. Rushdie wins thanks to his power sword!19 Bezerker Ghormenghast duels Lieutenant Rushdie.jpg


Ninja Joe kicks an outflanking Tallarn heavy bolter team25 Chaos Marine Ninja Joe kicks a heavy bolter crewman in the head.jpg


In a hilarious turn of events, Azrath the Daemon Prince and the Leman Russ Faith & Metal kill each other in melee24 results in a draw.jpg

The Tallarn tank exploded, removing Azrath's last 2 wounds



Enjoy the pics everyone and be safe!

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Hello everyone,


I finished up a trio of Chaos Ogryns for my Renegades and Heretics army. I'll either use them as a squad of 3 Ogryn Brutes or as Beast Handlers for my Chaos Mauler Hounds.

Here are some photos:




I also found some photos of a game I played last September with my Renegades and Heretics. It was actually a close game and, while I lost, I had a great time.



The thin blue line of the Nostroman 9th faces off against Imperial Fists with KnightSeptembervsIF12.jpgSeptembervsIF5.jpgSeptembervsIF6.jpgSeptembervsIF4.jpgSeptembervsIF3.jpg


Here is a photo of Terminator Captain Bubba, apparently he was named by my opponent's brother, wading through 2nd SquadSeptembervsIF18.jpg

3rd Squad member Pater in melee against Tac MarinesSeptembervsIF21.jpg


My Malefic Lord, WarpRend, handing out smites like a boss. Meanwhile Enforcer Greenklaw is getting annoyed at getting sniped down to 2 woundsSeptembervsIF11.jpg


Mutant Rabble vs a KnightSeptembervsIF7.jpg


Summoned Plaguebearers tie up a IF walkerSeptembervsIF33.jpg


And Renegade Commander Buzzsaw cowers behind a rock. If the game had ended on Turn 5, his ability to cower on an objective would have gotten me a draw.SeptembervsIF27.jpg


Enjoy the photos!


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Hello all,


Since I'm sequestered in my home, I got more painting done. Today I finished up 5 models: Deffy, 2 Chaos Furies, and 2 Renegades and Heretics heavy bolter troopers.


I've been working on Deffy since last February and I've been working on the other models since last summer.



Here is a shot of all 5, you can see my cat Spike's foot at the bottom leftAprilSaturdayPics11of20All5models.jpg




I'm happy to have finally finished Deffy, I'd have to say he's my favorite Chaos Marines model. I've included him in every game since I got him. Those of you who have seen my battle reports and battle summaries know that he usually gets blown away on Turn 1. But at least he soaks up a lot of firepower so that my other units can often reach the enemy. Plus, if I'm lucky he lives long enough to reach melee where he can do some glorious things. His kills include Mortarion and a knight, and he put a bit of pain onto Bobby G. but didn't kill him. I'm thinking of using my Dark Apostle Nightgaunt with the Benediction of Darkness to increase Deffy's longevity.



Here are some photos of Deffy. His top part is magnetized so it can turn around. I can also swap his reaper and his battlecannon so 1 is underslung and the other is on his side.AprilSaturdayPics1of20Deffyfront.jpgAprilSaturdayPics2of20Deffyleft.jpgAprilSaturdayPics3of20DeffyrightandSpike.jpgAprilSaturdayPics4of20Deffyrear.jpgAprilSaturdayPics5of20Deffyrightside.jpgAprilSaturdayPics6of20Deffyfrontalternateconfig.jpg



He is the 2nd model I've painted up for my Warpborn Chaos Marines. The fluff is that he is Sorceress' Valkia's pet/mascot. His hobbies include getting belly scratches from Valkia and ripping the enemy limb from limb.



I now have 6 completed Chaos marine walkers. Here are photos of all of them together. Perhaps I should design a list with all 6.AprilSaturdayPics8of20all6ChaosWalkers.jpg

Mary the Maulerfield always looks like she's waving at the camera







Here are my 2 Furies, Jago and Volis and my R&H heavy bolter team, Bane and KevorAprilSaturdayPics12of20FuriesandHBs.jpg

Sadly whenever I set aside points to summon my Furies I usually forget them. I think I'd better include them in a separate detachment so I'm more likely to remember. Plus, that way they can benefit from Daemonic Loci.












R&H Heavy Bolter Team, I'll include them as part of a Disciple or Command SquadAprilSaturdayPics17of20HBTeamfront.jpg



Kevor, the heavy bolter exemplifies the disdain for weapons maintenance that is typical among members of the Nostroman 9thAprilSaturdayPics18of20Kevor.jpg



Bane, yes, he has a heavy stubber in addition to his heavy bolter. I'm not about to tell him this is an illegal setup.AprilSaturdayPics19of20Bane.jpg

I'll just say the heavy stubber is an autogun


I tried to make the Chaos sigil on the concrete barrier look organic and hastily applied, I'm not sure if I pulled it offAprilSaturdayPics20of20HBTeamRear.jpg



Now I'm done to 22 remaining unpainted models: 10 Possessed, 4 Chaos Terminators, 2 Greater Possessed, a Slaaneshi lord, a R&H autogun trooper, 1 Pegasus "technobridge," 1 Forgeworld emplacement terrain, 1 GW set of ruins, and 1 Pegasus set of ruins. Hopefully I can finish at some point this summer. 



Enjoy the pics!











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Hello everyone,


I recently finished up Bruno, an autogun trooper for my Renegades and Heretics army.Bruno3of3.jpg


This means that my Renegades and Heretics army, the Nostroman 9th, is now "completed." Completed means I've finally, for the first time in 4 years, finished painting all my unpainted R&H models. I'm sure I'll be adding the force at some point in the future. For example, next spring I might want to add a box of Raging Heroes Jailbirds minis or some of the Blackstone Fortress traitor guard to the ranks of the 9th, possibly as Disciples.


For your entertainment, here are some photos, background fluff, and a list of all my R&H minis. Enjoy. By the way, every model in the army is converted and every infantry model has a name painted on its base. Because I'm a hobby dork. 🙂


Long ago there was a noble family, the house of Nightfall. They lived in an age of peace and stability established by their world's ruler. Their ruler was Konrad Curze, the fair and just lord of the garden planet Nostramo. And then one day, a corrupt and weak emperor sent an assassin to slay the Lord Curze. The vile assassin succeeded. The emperor then destroyed the paradise that was Nostramo. House Nightfall managed to escape. But since that day they have never forgotten. Vengeance upon the emperor will be theirs!

HQ [181]
• Dneghra Nightfall, Renegade Commander, powerfist
• Buzzsaw, Renegade Commander, power fist, plasma pistol
• Vicious Pete, Renegade Commander, power axe
• WarpRend, Malefic Lord
Dnegrah Nightfall has lead the Nostroman 9th Mercenary Company for decades. She travels the verse, selling her mercenaries' skills to any non-Imperium clients with enough coin. Dnegrah's is of the House of Nightfall. The family feared Curze but respected his ability to establish order. They seek to avenge Curze's death at the hands of the Emperor. Buzzsaw is Dnegrah's lover. He won her affection through his devotion to Chaos and strict personal code of honor. Vicious Pete is the leader of a cruel band of space pirates subcontracted  by Dnegrah. WarpRend is the regiment's spiritual advisor. She calls upon the warp to commit unholy acts upon the battlefield.

ELITES [644]
• Nostramo, Enforcer, power sword
• Garok, Enforcer, power sword
• Greenklaw, Enforcer, powerfist
• Kholek's Killers, Ogryn Beast Handler, Mauler Goad and Ripper Claw, 6 Chaos Mauler Hounds
• Gaur's Gang, Ogryn Beast Handler, Mauler Goad and Ripper Claw, 5 Chaos Mauler Hounds
• Wrath's Wraiths, Ogryn Beast Handler, Mauler Goad and Ripper Claw, 5 Chaos Mauler Hounds
• Madame Voodoo's 9th Squad, 10 Marauders, 2 plasma guns , plasma pistol, power axe
• Charles' 10th Squad, 10 Marauders, 2 plasma guns, plasma pistol, power axe
• Captain Zero's 11th Squad, 10 Marauders, 2 plasma guns, plasma pistol, power axe
Vicious Pete's space pirates have been subcontracted by Dnegrah. The Marauders are wanton miscreants who excel at boarding operations. The Enforcers are "Chaos Commissars." They use fear and summary executions to ensure the Cultists' obedience. The Chaos Hounds serve as Dnegrah's personal bodyguard.

TROOPS [618]
• Champion Sevatar's 1st Squad, 20 Cultists, flamer
• Champion Lobo's 2nd Squad, 20 Militia, Chaos Sigil, voxcaster, flamer, meltagun
• Champion Kira's 3rd Squad, 20 Militia, Chaos Sigil, voxcaster, flamer, meltagun
• Champion Bullets' 4th Squad, 20 Cultists, 2 flamers
• Champion Cthulu's 5th Squad, 20 Chaos Militia, flamer
• Champion Zeva's 7th Squad, 18 Mutant Rabble with shotguns
The Chaos Militia and Mutant Rabble are a diverse lot. Some fight for coin, some for Chaos, some fight against the fascist Imperium, and some fight for the sake of fighting.

• Hound of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon
• Star of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon
• Raaaawwwrrr, Chaos Spawn
The Sentinels are the Nostroman 9th's mobile tank hunters. Through the powers of the warp the Sentinel pilots have fused with their machines. No one knows where tge Chaos Spawn came from. He showed up one day and started following the Nostroman 9th around.

• Blood Debt, Earthshaker Carriage, 4 crew
• Excess, Earthshaker Carriage, 4 crew
• Hatred, Earthshaker Carriage, 4 crew
• Khorne's Ire, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Battlecannon, lascannon
• Reaver, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Battlecannon, lascannon
• 6th Squad, Heavy Weapons Squad with 8 troopers, 3 lascannons, heavy bolter
• 8th Squad, Heavy Weapons Squad with 6 troopers, lascannon, 2 missile launchers
• 12th Squad, Heavy Weapons Squad with 6 troopers, 3 missile launchers
The heavy weapons, artillery, tank crew are traitor guard who now use their weapons against their former comrades.



Shots of the whole army4Armyfromfront.jpg6armyfrontfront.jpg


All the officers and all the Sigils of Chaos bearers50finalshotofficers.jpg48chaossigilbearers.jpg


Bullets, Champion of 4th Squad, a Cultist/Chaos Militia Squad15brunoand4thsquad.jpg


3rd Squad, a Cultist/Militia Squad14thirdsquad.jpg


2nd Squad, a Cultist/Militia Squad16secondsquadcloseup.jpg


Champion Sevatar, 1st Squad, a Cultist/Militia Squad11Sevatarand1stsquad.jpg


Reaver, a Renegades and Heretics Leman Russ, I seem to have misplaced his magnetized hull HB and LC somewhere45reaver.jpg


The crew of Blood Debt, an Earthshaker Carriage35earthshakersquad.jpg


Champion Cthulu, 5th Squad, a Cultist/Militia Squad42cthuluandfifthsquad.jpg


Sentinels Star of Chaos and Hound of Chaos36sentinelpilots.jpg


Madame Voodoo, Chieftain of 9th Squad, a Marauder Squad24MadameVoodooand9thsquad.jpg



And a picture of the Nostroman 9th's greatest threat, Spike. Many members of the 9th had experienced the horrors of being batted around the apartment!51PhotobombedbySpike.jpg



Hmm, I wonder if a horde army like this would be appropriate for the OFCC.  🙂



Nostroman 9th, "Hell's horde."

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Hello everyone,


I recently finished up 5 Chaos Marine models: 1 World Eaters Terminator, 3 Night Lords Terminators, and 1 Greater Possessed painted in the colors of my custom warband, the Warpborn.

Here are the pictures:



The four Chaos termies, they all have magnetized arms so I can swap out weapons if need be...May19of40.jpg


A closeup of the World Eater Terminator, BloodGrin, with pair of lightning clawsMay26of40.jpg


Bloodgrin with pair of power swordsMay25of40.jpg


Sarrin, his head is magnetized so I can run his as a regular Chaos TerminatorMay13of40.jpg


Or as a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor...May24of40.jpg


Kavatar, Chaos TerminatorMay10of40.jpg


Mirac, Chaos TerminatorMay3of40.jpg


Here are all 6 Night Lords Chaos Terminators. The plan is to use NightClaws as a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor with the Claws of the Black Hunt.May29of40.jpg


Here is a photo of all 14 of my Chaos Terminators: 6 Night Lords, 1 World Eater, and 7 Death GuardMay39of40.jpg



I also rebased a Death-Guard Chaos Sorcerer, ReskMay2of40.jpg


Jadath, Warpborn Greater PossessedMayJadathfront.jpgMayJadathleftside.jpgMayJadathrear.jpgMayJadathrightside.jpgMayJadathspikearrow.jpg


Jadath and SpikeMayJadathandSpike.jpg


Since I got into this hobby 20 years ago, I've always wanted to have all my projects completed except for my current project. The logic being that I buy 1 project, complete it, and then I'm free to buy another project. Sadly, this goal has remained a holy grail of sorts as I kept buying miniatures over the years. But for the last 5 or 6 years I've curtailed my miniatures buying, often forcing myself to finish 3 projects before I can buy a new one. Now I'm down to owning only 16 unpainted miniatures which is a bit better than the 200 or so unpainted miniatures I had a decade ago! I hope to have them all completed by the end of this summer. Then I can finally buy a new project: a squad of Night Lords Warp Talons.


Here are photos of all 16 remaining unpainted models





Thanks for looking at my pics! 



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Hi Westrider,


Both plastic Chaos Terminators are from the plastic Sorcer/Chaos Lord kit so it's hard to say whether the new plastic termies are bigger.  🙂


Sadly, I don't own any plastic regular Chaos Terminators so I don't know whether they are larger than the old metal sculpts.


Here's an eye level view of all my termies though, the lord/sorc ones are definitely taller (although they are also on larger bases)May1of40.jpg



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