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X-Wing Card Trade?


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So a lot of us are sitting on nice little stacks of upgrade cards and some of those we'll probably never use. I don't like printing out the cards but I also don't like the idea of buying ships I don't want, just to get the cards. So maybe we can trade?


I'm hoping to pick up:


-R2 Astromech

-Advanced Sensors


I'm willing to trade:


-Shield upgrade

-Engine upgrade



-Any R5 units

-Cluster Missiles

-Homing Missiles

-Concussion Missiles

-Proton Torpedos




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I'm thinking I could use some Cluster Missiles and might have a spare R2 unit sitting around. I'll look through my stuff tonight at the shop.


I could also use Advanced Sensors if anyone is interested in trading (though I doubt anyone is willing to give that baby up). In addition, I have some duplicate pilot cards that I'd be fine giving away. Mostly just a bunch of stuff from the Core Set that no one probably needs, but I do have some duplicate TIE Interceptor pilots in case anyone just bought Imperial Aces and never picked up a regular Interceptor set.

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i'm currently hording


I can respect that. Gotta get to a comfortable level before you can part with anything. But now I'm sitting on more than I need. 6 Proton torpedos is pritty silly, especially because I don't think I'd ever run a list with more than 2 (and I usually take none).


Yeah, Advanced Sensors is a long shot but I figured I'd throw it out there. The R2 Astromech comes in the X-Wing blister I believe...

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