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Necromunda tournament - 6/16/2018 Portland, OR; Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S.

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What: a four game 'resurrection' style Necromunda tournament
When: June 16th 2018 9am
Where: W.O.W. 717 SE Main Street Portland, OR USA
Why: Innovate new ways to play Necromunda
How: $15 / $10 for Ordo champions; limited to the first eight players

“For decades, Sumptown has been overrun by the gangs....the vile and despicable vagrants that exploit our resources and our tech have ran amok too long. Now, under my supervision, the gangs of Sumptown will compete to purge each other. Loyal underhivers, keep calm and stay vigilant; the S.E.R.I.E.S. has begun” — Mayor of Sumptown, Ehstobahn “el Tauruso” Kruez year 40,341, Hive Ordonicus, Fanaticus Dome

Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S. (Slay, Execute, Revenge, Intolerance, Eradicate, Slaughter) was invented by notorious corrupt ‘mayor’ of Sumptown, former bounty hunter el Tauruso. Each cycle, el Tauruso holds a tournament he calls a purge, intended to thin out the number of gangers plaguing the settlement. The idea is simple; battles are scheduled by el Tauruso’s enforcers, and the first gang to bottle loses. In addition, each gang is rewarded with credits for each enemy ganger killed or captured in battle. The Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S is famous, attracting gangers from all houses, allowing easy reinforcements for gangs that lose gangers in battle. At the end of the Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S, el Tauruso awards the winning gang free passage from the settlement, with a warning not to return until the next year’s event.

Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S. is an Ordo Fanaticus approved, single day, four game Necromunda tournament scheduled for 6/16/2018 at Western Oregon Wargamers (717 SE Main Street Portland, OR USA). Registration begins at 9:00am, with first game at 9:30am. The first round match ups will be created at random, with scoring as follow:

  • Win: 60 credits
  • Draw: 20 credits
  • Lost: 0 credits
  • Each killed, captured and OOA enemy ganger at game's end: 10 credits
  • Each crate captured at game’s end: credits per crate

The winner at the end of the S.E.R.I.E.S is the gang with the most credits accumulated and NOT SPENT. Credits not spent cannot be carried over to the next battle, they are ‘banked’ and used to determine the Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S winner. The tournament organizer will roll for wargear and all players have access to purchase the items. Match ups will be made wissen-style, with gangs matched up based on their credits earned overall in the tournament, not just credits banked.

Unlike a Necromunda league, Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S is a resurrection style tournament, where the personnel of the player’s gang resets after each round. Credits earned each match can be used to purchase improvements (wargear and weapons). In addition, after each round players will be able to apply skills to gangers in their gangs; see below:

  • After game one: apply two primary’s to any unique gangers 
  • After game two: apply one secondary skill to any ganger
  • After game three: apply two primary skills to any two gangers

All advancements carry over to the remaining games. No ganger may be given more than two skills for the entire event. Players may pick their skills, they are not random. 

Players are budgeted 1000 to build their gangs (NO MORE THAN 150cr on a single item) for wargear. All normal gang creation restrictions are applicable. You may only purchase equipment from your staring House list. Any credits not spent cannot be carried into the tournament. All Hired Guns and Special Characters are allowed. All gangs must be built with enough gangers to make a bottle check at a minimum of two gangers. Hired guns and Special Characters cannot gain skills and cannot use any wargear or weapons purchased in the tournament. Games are limited to an hour and a half, with dice down at mid-turn. Gangs must be fully painted and based, and all weapons must be clearly marked, be it on the model WYSIWYG, or via color coding. All players must bring six copies of their roster, one for them, one for each opponent, and one for the admins. Awards will be provided for the Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S Champion, Marshall Johnson Award, Best Appearance and Most Kills/Captures. Any gang not meeting the minimum appearance requirements will be ineligible for any of the four awards. 

Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S. is a first of it's kind event, so please ask questions and even make recommendations. These kinds of tournaments have existed in other Specialist Games for decades, and now Ordo wants to bring this to Necromunda.

Registered gangs:

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On May 12, 2018 at 12:11 AM, Weav said:

Sumptown S.E.R.I.E.S. is a first of it's kind event, so please ask questions and even make recommendations. These kinds of tournaments have existed in other Specialist Games for decades, and now Ordo wants to bring this to Necromunda.

It may get pretty hot there. Suggestion would be for people to bring sauna clothes to play in WOW during the summer. 

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Hey Weav! Things are looking good re: attending, but a few quick Q's about compliance: 

1) the gang I have closest to meeting painting compliance is old metal Goliaths. The restrictions on using the House gear lists only puts me in a bind: stub cannons were not in the game when I built and painted these figures; and autoguns/lasguns are not in the Goliath house list. If I made a universal replacement (e.g. "all autoguns are stub cannons) would that be allowed? I'm not about to chop my minis for this (or any other) event, and I don't have time to buy, build, and paint new ones for the event either. 

2) On mid-tourney upgrades, you refer to "skills" - are skills the only upgrades fighters may receive? If so, does that mean only Leaders, Champs, and Juves may be upgraded during play, or are all Gangers considered specialists for this purpose?

3) WRT Hired Guns. Since there's been a raging debate about this,  what is the accepted price for a hired gun: is it the base price listed in GW2 (e.g. 50 for Scum and 80 for a Bounty Hunter), weapons included, or base price + weapons (as for the one-off game style)? I presume the latter but I wanted to check. 


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On 5/31/2018 at 6:30 PM, Weav said:

1) Yes

2) Good question, let me check with my partner in crime @ninefinger; we’ll reply ASAP

3) The latter, you’re correct

2) One Ganger can become a specialist and receive skills. Otherwise, skills must be applied to champions, leaders and juves.

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