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My laptop ran me, like $1,000... But I purchased it nearly six years ago. It’s nothing special, I just needed something that would run WordPerfect and a web browser.

If you’re going to be actually digitally sculpting new models, you probably need a high end computer. If you’re like most of us and will just be hitting the print button after maybe tweaking scales or slicing models in half... Really any computer from the last five-ten years should be fine. Lots of RAM is helpful (it always is) and a large HD (because Thingiverse is addictive)... But that’s about it.

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I backed this terrain project other day: 


Extreme amount of terrain made to print on a SLA printer. Pre-supported and everything, supposedly. We will see! I am very pumped.

Someday I need to look at an FDM printer. That dual extruder above looks kinda cool!


Also found these Guard Space Cossacks:


Female troops and all. Sweet


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