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Oh oh me me! I have a Ultimaker 2+, using mostly PLA to build terrain, objectives, and other parts. Recently bought an Anycubic Photon Resin printer, first week was a nightmare getting thing

I printed some Valkyries for EPIC ...   

Printed these for my table

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On 7/16/2020 at 6:53 PM, Kelharis said:

I've been telling my wife not to get me anything for birthdays and fathers days to save up "credit" for a resin 3d printer. Hoping it will be a Saturn when they become available late this year. Meanwhile I've been collecting stls like crazy.

Good move. Don't forget the extra supplies you will need

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4 hours ago, Brother Glacius said:

Hey guys,

So I'm thinking about getting myself a printer. Money is a factor, but so is easy of use. I don't think I'll be using it to make models per se, but terrain and movement trays will definitely be on the list. Just looking for some current advice.

Ender 3 is a good beginners 3d printer but you have to level it often and there are some things to take care of. You may want one with Auto Leveling included. 

It is overall cheaper than Resin Printers but once I get my Elegoo Saturn.....Resin Terrain will be mine!

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Filament - where does everyone get supplies?  I have a few spools I had picked up - and I have ordered some direct from Prusa when I picked up the printer.  But now I am running low and am looking for options.  I am considering Amazon - and I had thought my local Fry's (wilsonville) had a decent supply - but yesterday I found their shelves bare.

Brands, suppliers... suggestions welcome



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Amazon. Only problem is finding a filament you like that's consistently available; right now, everyone and their dog is printing up PPE for hospitals and the like. Don't get me wrong, go makers, but it's making it hard for us hobbyists to keep up.


EDIT: I just discovered this one this morning. I'm going to order my next spool through them, and see how it is; if it's good stuff, then I'll just go with them.


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Any opinions on this guy?

Not shooting for anything big, mostly heads/guns/bits. I think I'm locked into resin vs filament but not 100%. More interested in adding things to existing things than making whole things...if that makes sense;)


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Okay, question for the hive mind. Those who have used resin and FDM printers, which is more reliable? I have an Ender 3, which is a great little printer, but I'm getting really tired of having to mess around with it and dial it in every time I get a fresh roll of filament. I can get a Photon for $170, and if I had to, I could bodge together a vent system to barf the fumes out the window. Is a resin printer going to require less messing with to get it to work right?

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