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Necromunda Underhive + Gang War / WH40K Conquest Card Game / Primarus Dark Imperium


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Necromunda Underhive $105 OBO

Game comes with all pieces and everything is in excellent condition. Everything is built and at least primed. All of the terrain is fully painted and I started on painting one of the gangs. Each gang member for both gangs has a custom identifier on there base to easily tell them apart, it was some brass etch I found online. Also including White Dwarf Necromunda issue and extra miniatures bits in case you want to change up the load outs. I also have the full Gang War supplement as well. Everything will be careful packaged up to prevent damage.

WH40K Conquest Card Game $30 OBD

Comes with all pieces and everything is in great condition. Also comes with both large expansions: The Great Devourer and Legions of Death. The game has been out of print for months now.

Primarus Space Marines from Dark Imperium $80 OBO

I have a complete set of Primarus Marines from Dark Imperium. They are all fully assembled, primed and there bases are magnetized for transport.

Send me a PM if you are interested, not wanting trades just want cash or paypal. I am in SE Portland.

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