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Pre-Order Cold Front Topic

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Who would like to make a Pre-Order and What would you like. If I can get the free shipping amount, I will make the order. 

@PaladinX , @dataentity , @Exile , @rudra34 , @thediceabide , @Sgt. Rock

Raindog: I would like the Aleph half of the Coldfront box, Dart, and the Aleph half of the Gen-Con Pack.

Joel: would like Advance Pack and a Dart please-paid

Pete: Advance Pack and a Dart please- paid

Evan: TAK half of Coldfront box, and the Tak half of the Gen-Con Pack. -Paid

Bermen:  the whole set . -paid

Omx8: Arestia Poster, Dart. - Paid!

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Hello! If you don't mind I would like a Dart and the Aristeia! Poster!

I'd also be interested in the exclusive Dart card that only comes with the bundle if someone would be willing to part with it. I would be willing to pay someone a little for it if they would like.

And this one's a long shot but if for some reason someone doesn't want the Wardriver from the Coldfront set I would be willing to buy that from them.

I can Paypal you the money tonight if you want to send me your account info.

Thank you!

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30 minutes ago, Raindog said:

OKay Gents, 

I sent CB a message today asking for the status of this order since it has been two months since I made  the order. 

I will let you know. 



Thanks for the update.  I know a lot of people have been getting theirs late, so it's not just this single issue.   Let us know whatever happens.

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