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Haven't hobbied in a long time but am getting back into it since I found a quality & nearby 40k club in Brooklyn. Right now I'm building/painting/expanding my Vostroyans, which I tend to use as allies for Sisters, Inquisition, Deathwatch, etc.

Today was also the first time I magnetized or pinned stuff, and I think it worked out really well:

First up was a single ogre that I needed to be able to count as an Ogre Bodyguard (with all possible load-outs) or a counts-as Nork Deddog, depending on the situation. Here is Mr. Potato Ogryn:



(Below is my Vostroyan version of Nork...the knife is a halberd from the Bretonnian men-at-arms kit.)


(Below is how I'll run this model most of the time: as a hard-to-kill, close-combat-focused ogryn bodyguard.)



Next were 10 Tempestus Scions, but I wanted to be able to run them as a command squad with 4 special weapons, or a squad of 10, or two squads of 5...you get the idea. Here they are as two separate squads, one with 2 plasma guns and the other with 2 hot shot volley guns:



And here are the sergeants with their magnetized arms (I'm in the process of creating more, with pistol options and other stuff). To create the power mace / command rod, I removed the chainsword and pinned a 3rd-party Sororitas mace on top. Several models also needed new antenna on their armor after I broke them while scraping off mold lines, so I used the same pinning wire to replace those (for example, see the model on the far right in the first picture).


Notice that every model has a custom shoulder pad with a V for Vostroya:


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Over the past few days I finally finished what is probably the most complex conversion I've undertaken so far. In fact it's not really a conversion so much as a diorama. Behold my Vostroyan Deathstrike missile! If you're wondering whether it's supposed to look like something cobbled together by North Korean or USSR operatives, yes, yes it is.

The missile itself was augmented with the fuel canisters and piping from an old Hellhound kit, vents/fans from a drop pod kit (not visible in the first image), plus some plasticard and Forgeworld brass etched inquisitorial icons. After all, who else but Inquisition would build a missile whose firing would probably cook its entire crew alive? In a 40k universe where Karamazov no longer has an orbital bombardment that can target friendly models, I reckon this is the next best thing.

Aesthetically, the goal with the platform and missile ensemble was for it to look jury-rigged yet very important. A flying church of death, if you will. I created the scaffolding with plasticard i-beams, miniature chicken wire, and the cable from a Leman Russ accessories sprue.


Here's another angle. You can see that one of the gaskets on the missile is still missing a skull. These skulls are from the IG vehicle accessories sprue, and I haven't yet found another. In this picture you can also see one of the drop pod vents on the side of the missile's nozzle.


The crew themselves are resin recasts of Vostroyan mortar and lascannon team members. I didn't mean to buy recasts, but they were included in an eBay lot and described as official. Front and center is a replication of my "master of ordnance" conversion, which some of you may seen on the tabletop in years past; here he is dutifully receiving target coordinates from one of his superiors. His control panel is made from plasticard and an interior bit from the Rhino sprue. His antennae are again from the Leman Russ accessories sprue.

The guy on the left is about to set the rocket off. I still need to find a suitably thin piece of wire or cabling that I can connect to his remote.


Here's a better view of the missile and scaffolding. The scaffolding is trimmed where it would cross over the model's base, creating something like a cross-sectional view. After the model's painted I will cover the green stuff with snow flock.


And the best part of this project? Everything is magnetized! 😀


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Today I finished a couple of vehicle projects. First up, a fully-magnetized Taurox / Taurox Prime:





And second, a home-brew Punisher cannon for my Leman Russ Tank Commander, since I didn't have any of the weapon bits that come in the Demolisher box. To make this one, I glued six styrene tubes around one in the center, and then added an outer ring with alternating pieces instead of a full circle. Next I took a 40k IG barrel, cut it down in size, and trimmed off all the parts that make it look like a barrel. Then I took my styrene gun barrels, cut them in two, and glued them on either side of the now-smaller IG barrel. I cut angles into the outermost barrels because otherwise the whole thing looked flat and fake. Finally, I drilled some vent holes into the barrel to somewhat match the aesthetics of GW's official Punisher cannon. The best part is that the whole assembly slides snugly into my turret, so I can swap it out for other guns and adjust the length as the situation requires 🙂


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Today I built something community-related: a ladder board for the new challenge league that I started at my local club! The full rules can be found here.

The Carcosa Club is a member-owned gaming space in Brooklyn. It's easily the best place to play wargames in NYC, and I encourage any of you who visit to check it out.

To make the ladder board, I laser cut two pieces of MDF and glued them together. Besides looking and feeling better with some added heft, the added thickness was necessary to prevent the screw-hooks that hold the player tags from protruding out the back. The title around the border and the club logo in the center were engraved via rastering.

You might have noticed that the ladder rules discuss five tiers, while this board only has four. Well, that's because Tier 1, the bottom tier, is just a pile of player tags in a baggy somewhere nearby 😛. The tiers on the board are the ones that really matter, and each one accommodates only a single player.

Finally, the collections of shield and helmet tags to the bottom left and right will allow players to display that they are currently benefiting from either the "plot armor" or "juggernaut" rules.


The black triangles are just to show where player tags can be hung, and to improve readability of the clear acrylic player tags that I made. Here's what a tag looks like when it's on the board:


The league kicks off this Sunday with 11 players - just enough to completely fill the challenge board! I will feel bad for the one player whose tag gets left in the Tier 1 baggy 😀. Wish me luck!


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A couple of months ago I moved from NY back to CA, and this is the first week in a long time that I've had a usable hobby table. Better make the most of it!

My latest project is a home-brew Mephiston, since I am likely going to be trading out the Space Wolves in my ITC list for some Blood Angels. The reasoning behind that is a topic for my other thread and I'll go into it later. For now, I just want to share this bad boy:


The body and sword belong to the Captain from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set. For the pistol, I removed the master-crafted boltgun, trimmed down the arm and green-stuffed it back onto the shoulder socket; the pistol itself is a random bit from my bits box. The chalice-topped backpack comes from the Death Company sprue, and the halo comes from the old metal Celestine model - I had an extra laying around because my Celestine has third-party robot wings :smile:.

It was a fun, quick project and I'm really looking forward to putting him on the table. Here are some other angles:





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My new list contains a Vanguard/Phobos Librarian, and I recently ordered some Reivers from Mindtaker Minis to convert one of my own. They arrived today, so I threw this guy together. The sword is the Xenophase Blade from the Deathwatch sprue; the horns are from Fantasy Beastmen; the waving ribbons/cloth on his back are from Bretonnian Knights; the hand holding the ghoul head is from also from Beastmen (I think); the book and scroll are from the Empire Fanatic sprue; and the Inquisition symbol is Forgeworld etched brass. Pretty psyched with how it turned out!





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I've been using old Inquisitorial Acolyte models as Astropaths for a while, but today I decided it was time to convert a proper one. The body, stave, book, scroll, and head come from the Empire Flagellant sprue. The laspistol is from a Tempestus sergeant, the backpack from a regular Tempestus Scion, the mechanical tendrils are taken from the servoskull that floats above the Tempestus Commander, and the purity seal is from who-knows-where. I'm pretty pleased with how dynamic it turned out to be, and I'm excited to make the flames on his head look like warpflame.





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