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Malifaux closed beta...

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The Beta is officially over. I'd assume we'll see the release of M3E between March and June... Sooner the better obviously. 

The changes overall have been very positive. They've done a great job of minimizing the bloat and reigning in thematic crews. You'll see masters having dedicated thematic models with the option of hiring other thematic models in faction for a tax. As each master has a different role, their thematic models will follow suit meaning that hiring out of keyword will be for specialist roles or to help counter something you predict could be coming. I think list building for your opponent and the S&S is going to be big in this edition. I am very happy with the direction and see it being much more beginner friendly while retaining a level of mastery and depth most hardcore gamers seek. 

Looking forward to the new edition and hope to see old players come back and new players sign on. Always happy to demo the edition, LMK. 🙂


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Wyrd just announced that an Open M3E beta will begin on the 16th of January so we can all get a chance to look over the new rules and give suggestions for our favorite masters.  The original beta went on for about 4 months and I feel as though we got really close with everything. With so much to test, I am please that they are doing an open beta for the community to try and break things before a final printing. Please, let me know if you are interested and I can lead you in the direction of the rules/stat cards.


S&S are Schemes and Strategies. Those are the mission parameters. The one strategy that both players are working towards and each player picks 2 of the 5 different schemes, in secret, to try and complete also. This is where the FIRST head games happen, IMO. LIst building happens after knowing what the S&S are AND knowing the Leader (master or henchmen) you are going up against. This will be big for seeing pretty varied lists in every match up. 

As for the materials for the new edition. You wont need to buy anything. The rules and stat cards will be free online to download just like for The Other Side. Wyrd has changed their tune on rules and simply give them away now, I think its a positive change. You'll need the standard counters/tokens, scheme markers, tape measure, and fate deck to play. Anything you had for 2E will be viable except the rules. 

The game didnt change all that drastically, I can say that it feels like Malifuax always has, just cleaned up an awful lot. I feel like it will be much easier to get new players into. Easier to know what models go best with a master. The rules have been streamlined on thematic models meaning that in a crew of 8 models you might have to remember 25 different rules in M3E where in M2E those same 8 models might've had 40+ different rules/actions/triggers. A lot of actions and triggers have been standardized as well so, everyone should know or be familiar with what "Mental trauma or Puncture" means.  This isnt to say that the game has been "dumbed down" but it makes for faster activation of models and less questions about what each individual model can do. A keyword, adjective (Beater, tank, support, summoner) and cost of a model will be a good indication of what it ultimately does.  This will make games run faster/smoother which was an issue in 2E. 

Jokers: They will never change the jokers. This is something only a fraction of the community had expressed an issue with and multiple designers have said  the game was built around the jokers being in the deck. The famous saying "bad things happen". There is only 1 of each in the deck and its something to consider when activating a model. I would be really displeased if they ever changed jokers, I dont think that will happen. 

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Absolutely. Its been kind of quiet since the closed beta, but our discord has been active since the news of an open beta. I plan on being there every Tuesday night starting the 22nd of this month. The open beta will be released the 16th, the Wednesday prior for download. This will give folks time to look everything over and be ready for Tuesday game nights to beta test. 

I am very excited. My favorite master, Dreamer, is all grown up now. 



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