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Midgard 5th Edition

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Li'lunar'ri, the Lightbringer

Race: Dhampir Age: 81, appears 25 Alignment: Chaotic Good Size: Medium Speed: 30 Eyes: Hazel Skin: Olive Hair: Black Weight: 150 Height: 5' 10" 

STR 12 * DEX 14 * CON 11 * INT 9 * WIS 7 * CHA 18


Cantrips: Bless the Dead, Eldritch Blast, Light, Sacred Flame
1st: Angelic Guardian, Cure Wounds

A dhampir, former Blood Sister (background) present at the battle leading to the death of Lord Otmar. The horrors of war brought to light the horror of the dhampirs heritage. Having grown up in a Noble house of Morgau, ignorance of the outside world kept our antihero naive.  The touch of Sif, and the sacrifice of Saint Adelind reaffirmed the changes going through her heart, and that day she forsake her training and heritage, and devoted herself to St Adelind (Celestial Warlock) and channeling the spirit of the valkyrie (pact of blade). Not quite grasping where she now stands (chaotic), she knows those who seek selfishly their ambitions are a bane to all (good). She now travels, looking for companions on her quest to free people of the chains that bind them, and exact revenge on the ghoulish empire. 

Mother- N Human Artisan, Alive and well
Father- NE Vampire Soldier, Alive and Successful 
Twin Sibling - NE Dhampir Warlock Adventurer, Alive and Successful
Younger Sibling- LE Dhampir Soldier, alive and well
Younger Sibling - NE Dhampir Herder, alive and well
Younger Sibling - NE Dhampir Politician, alive and well
Younger Sibling- N Dhampir Artisan, alive and Successful 
Relationship with all was friendly by last accounts. Unknown how family will react to news of betrayal to the Red Goddess.

Shortbow, Spear, Dagger, Dagger, Sacrificial Knife, Leather Armor

Common, Undercommon


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Jeezeus.... I'm rolling up my family in Xanathars Guide... I have 5 siblings, everyone is alive. I have a warlock Twin, and 4 younger siblings. One is in politics.  One is a soldier, like dad, but not as successful. One is a more successful artisan than mother. Lastly there is the rancher in the family. The artists are true neural. Everyone else is NE, except the soldier sibling who is LE. 

Everyone is friendly, so they must not know of my betrayal, yet.

I'm surprised they all rolled appropriately for the imagery in my head.

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Okay, I have everything for first level and background stuff rolled and written down.  Need to work on transferring to character sheet, plot character development a few levels out, and make some cheat sheets for spells/abilities. 


Edit: have roughly to lvl 10 mapped. I need to decide on feats or stat buffs at those levels. I imagine I'll take feats that come with a +1 stat.

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-Level 2- 

+1 Spell, +1 Spell Slot, +2 Invocations

1st: Guiding Bolt

Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Eldritch Spear

-Level 3- 

+1 Spell, +1 Spell Level

2nd: Blessed Halo

-Level 4- 

+1 Cantrip, +1 Spell

Cantrip: Extract Foyson

2nd: Flaming Sphere

-Level 5- 

+1 Spell, +1 Spell Level, +1 Invocation

3rd: Blade of Wrath

Invocation: Improved Pac Weapon

-Level 6- 

+1 Spell

3rd: Revivify

-Level 7- 

+1 Spell, +1 Spell Level

Forget Flaming Sphere 

4th: Flame Wave, Deva Wings

Invocation: Thirsting Blade

-Level 8- 

-Level 9- 

-Level 10- 

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Okay, our party consists of:

Eats'um, a Cannibalistic Stone Skin Trollkin Monk from the Northlands.

Takkar the Steelpelt, a nomadic Minotaur Barbarian with a blue oxen.

Khal Drogon, Old One Warlock Dragonborn Emissary.

Fanwi Pintek, Shadowfey Rogue raised by Gnomish Pirates.

Li'lunar'ri the Lightbringer, Dhampir Celestial Warlock Undead-Hunter, aka healer.


We are an existing band of outcasts in the Freecity of Zoebeck.  We were approached by a Tiefling to locate a dead tiefling, who we keep hearing is alive, and is apparently the daughter of some self-important Tiefling who may or may not have been the tiefling that hired us to locate her to begin with.  Bunch of hooligans, need sent back to live with their infernal kin, the bunch of them.  Don't they know there is a bigger menace out there.  They crawl beneath the city.  Sif help us all. 

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