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So I’ve admired the Infinity wargame’s aesthetics and setting pretty much since it launched. But I’ve never gotten into the war game... I’ve just got too many other hobbies to feed. But Modiphus recently released a roleplaying game for the setting that is getting a lot of positive buzz.

Is anyone running a game and maybe looking for one more player? If not, anyone interested in getting a group together?

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I wish I could...

I was just talking to my brother about this same thing the other day. There's so many cool characters that you could create I don't know what the limits are in the RPG🤔

I'd like to be a Rogue Hollow Man mercenary that operates with impunity out of druze territory... maybe someday

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6 hours ago, DustGod said:

There's so many cool characters that you could create I don't know what the limits are in the RPG🤔

Basically anything you’d find in the tabletop war game is possible in the RPG. Although, obviously some things require higher skill levels and/or specialized equipment than a starting character will posses. (i.e., Much like in a Star Wars game, you can eventually become as badass as Darth Vader, you don’t get to start that way. You can be an ALEPH post-human solider, but can’t be Achilles to start.)

The game is kind of similar to Traveller in that it is “career based” and not “class based” like D&D or a totally open “skill based” system like Shadowrun. Character creation even uses a life path sort of system, like Traveller.

Using just the core book, everyone is human (or a human mind uploaded into a post-human robot body). There’s optional rules for Dog Warriors in the Ariadna supplement.

To sum up very quickly, you roll for your character’s faction (PanO, Nomad, etc.), their homeworld (Earth, Corrieador, etc.), their social class, and can roll for a Basic Career (fairly generic universal ones like “Soldier” or “Mechanic”) or you can roll for a Faction Career (specialized but limited by your faction, like “112 Emergency Services” are limited to Ariadanna) or you can risk a Hazard Career (real cool stuff like “Special Forces,” but you risk not being able to get in). You can (and probably will) have multiple careers or repeat a career a couple times before you start gameplay.

Each step grants you skills and/or talents, maybe some starting equipment, and the like. You also have charts of random Events that tell you a bit about what happened at any stage of you life. Several of the possibile random events include death. (But you get uploaded into an new body. Still, the roleplaying opportunity of playing a guy trying to solve his own murder or a woman who committed suicide but was brought back against her own will... Sounds fascinating.)

It can be a little tedious doing it with just the book, pen, paper, and dice. Luckily, Modiphius has made a web app for character creation that automates some steps and saves you from having to flip from page to page to page through the book.

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13 hours ago, dataentity said:


Oh, and unless you come up with really REALLY good background, you proooobably can't make a rogue hollowman. Because your brain is in a jar, in a Tunguskan bank. The second you go rogue, you're disconnected and killed.

And maaaan, I want to be able to make a Tohaa.

Oh... black market Hollow Man body refitted with a Cube... that possible? 

One of those "Torn by my former life as a Druze War Criminal" types... 

No rules on being non human... 

I played with it today. This sounds fun... 


infinity_character_Smiling Wolf Saeed.pdf

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