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Watched a new beta game on GMG

Brother Glacius

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So watched a beta game for Dystopian Wars thanks to GMG. Game lasted an hour and they got through two whole turns...which if you have ever played DW, is amazing in itself. Looks like they have done a great job of streamlining the rules. So right now, the big question will be models and such. But pretty excited about the game now after this.


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Been reading the beta rules for DW and I have to say, they have really chopped out quite a bit of the mess. Vessels now have two conditions which determine their stats. No more calculating due to damage. Basically your boats run at full effectiveness until they take a certain amount of damage, and then they go to a lower stage. Very nice. Also, there is only one turn template in the game now with bigger ships needing to go 1" straight ahead before a turn. Also, fire arcs have been greatly simplified. Now you just have 90 degree arcs in four directions. That is it. No more seeing how much of a boat is in your fire lane. Just measure to the closest point in the arc and you are done.

They have also allowed firing from a single unit to move down targets on its own. Previously, you had to declare all firing and targets before rolling any. Now if you are shooting at one unit with multiple ships, you can just start firing at the first, if it is destroyed, remaining attacks move to the next ship. 

I'll start diving into list building next. I definitely like what I am seeing so far. 

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