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Raindog's Rampage: 2018

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time again. It is time to Rampage! I have been holding them for 12 years now. As always, I hope to see you! If you don’t play Infinity, I don’t care: come play hang out, eat with us, make a charity donation. You are invited!

What is a Rampage? 

A Rampage is a celebration of gaming goodness where community and sportsmanship is valued as much as winning. Traditionally, it is the celebration at the end of an Escalation League. Players gather, bring food and drinks, and play games. Somebody wins a sword and we all go out to for beer afterwards.

Each year, I select a charity to support. This year, I picked the Women's Shelter. It a homeless shelter downtown off Burnside and Second. I am asking players to bring food stuffs, cash donations, or hygiene products.

The Rampage is on Saturday, December 1st. First Round is starts at 10 AM.


WoW, 717 SE Main Street, Portland, Oregon

How Many Games? 

There will be four!

We will be playing until 7 PM, and then go get dinner and beer afterwards.



Each player can have two lists.

 A 12 XP Spec-Op troop may be used!

Do I have to a painted army?

Nope. You can play Silver Surfer, but it certainly helps you win the sword if your faction is painted.


$7 for Ordo Warlords and Emperors,
$10 for Everybody Else


A Sword for the Winner! - Yup a Freakin' Sword!
And there will be other prizes. Wait and See!
Best General. Best Sportsman. Best Painted. Wooden Spoon!

Number of Slots?

24 Players


Battle Scores:
60 points max

A major win is worth 5 points. A tie is worth two points

 There will be a check list worth an additional 40 points and will be totaled after all four games.


+10 points for bringing money, dry or canned food, clean bedding, hygiene products, etc


+10 Points for Bringing Food / Drink to share.
+5 For bring the best snack!

*Determined by players’ vote. 


+10 Points for playing a completely painted and based faction.
+10 Points for having the best painted faction.
+5 Points for having the best painted silhouette two model.
+5 Points for the TAG, Bike, or Remote.

*Determined by players’ vote. 


+10 Points for being voted the favorite player.

*The best sport is determined by player’s vote

Wooden Spoon

 This year the Wooden Spoon will be determined by the player who has scored the least amount of victory points.


 0900 Doors Open

0930 Check In

1000 Game One 

1145  Lunch

1230 Game Two

1415 Game Three

1600 Vote for your favorite army, food, and drink.

1615 Game Four

1800 Tear Down 

1830 Awards

1845 To the Pub


 See you there!

Let me know if intend on playing.
Spots will go quickly.


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Mission: Get Inside!


Special Rules:


1) No model may start the game in a building.

2) All buildings are infinitely high.

3)  It takes a short order to open a door. If a door is opened, all doors are opened for that building are open unless the Lockpicker hacking program is used. If a short order is used to shut a door, all doors for that building are closed.




The person with the most models in buildings outside their deployment zone wins! If there is a tie, the models in a building farthest from their deployment zone wins.


The Coin Game


Special Rules:


1) There will be 10 coins in the center zone of the table.

2) Anybody can pick-up a coin with a successful WIP roll.

3) Specialists and models with the scavenger rule get a +3 on the roll.  

4)  It takes a short order to pick-up the coin.

5) If the roll is failed, the safety system protecting the coin detonates as if the model was struct by a panzerfaust. (The coin stays intact and the trap re-arms.)

5) Command tokens can be used to re-roll failed attempts. 

6) If a model is killed or goes into a null state, it drops a the coin.

7) A model may carry one coin. Any model with the baggage rule can carry two coins.

8 ) A coin be passed off to a friendly models by spending a short order with another friendly model in base to base contact. 




+1 Point for each coin held at the end of the game.

*Coins placed in the Deployment Zone count as being held!

+1 point for each coin held in their deployment zone at the end of the game.



The Flip side


There are five coins on the table. Each is worth a hidden amount of points. A successful Spotlight program or Forward Observer attempt allows the player (but not his opponent) to look at the coin to see the amount.


  1. Only Specialists may pick up the coin.
  2. It takes a short order (attack) to pick up the coin.
  3. The player may look at the coin to see it’s value.





The player holding the highest cumulative sum of coins wins the game


Mission:  Kill Box


Special Rules:

This scenario is a variation of Biotechvore. 


1) At the end of each game turn, nano clouds expands six inches from all four sides of the table. After turn two, the clouds has expanded 12 inches into the board. After turn three, the affected area is up to 18 inches into the table.

2) The cloud acts as a Low Visibility zone.

3) Models caught in the nano cloud at the end of the turn suffer a Damage 13 wound using the viral special ammunition rule. 




At the end of the game, have more points alive on the table than your opponent.


Check Sheet!                                                 


Each Check is Worth One Point.

Check off each only once!


______1. Break a fire team link.    

______2. Complete a turn without a model wounded.

______3. Coup de Grace an unconscious model.

______4. Crit a crit.

______5. Discover a camo marker or an impersonator.

______6. Dodge a Mine, Mad Trap, Drop Bear, or Crazy Koala.

______7. Fail a re-roll, after a command token is used.

______8. Get Tabled.

______9. Have a Light Infantry kill a model worth at least three times its own value.

______10. Have model in the opposing deployment zone at the end of the game.

______11. Have your Spec OP die in every game.

______12. Have your Spec Op live in every game.

______13. Heal a model with a doctor or paramedic.   

______14. Immobilize or Isolate an opposing model.   

______15. Kill a friendly model with a doctor or paramedic

______16. Kill a hacker with a hacker.

______17. Kill an opposing model in close combat.

______18. Kill a model that is in suppressive fire.   

______19. Kill an alien (depending on force played).

______20. Kill an opposing Lt.

______21. Kill an opposing model in  ARO .

______22. Kill a religious troop

______23. Kill the enemy Spec-Op.

______24. Kill three models with one hit.

______25. Kill a TO model without using a MSV.

______26. Lay a mine, drop bear, or repeater.     

______27. Successfully Flash Pulse an opponent.

______28. Lose more models in the active phase, than your opponent.

______29. Make Three armor rolls on the same model in one turn and have the model live.

______30. Place three enemy models into the null state with one order.

______31. Repair a remote or TAG with an Engineer.   

______32. Scavenge a model

______33. Spotlight or Forward Observe an opposing model.

______34. Stay out of retreat due to the baggage rule.

______35. Successfully Dodge Engage.

______36. Successfully throw any type of grenade, place a repeater, set Crazy Koalas, or D-Charges.

______37. Successfully change facing as a dodge.   

______38. Use supportware or hack through a repeater.

______39. Win a Face to Face roll with a penalty of -9 or greater.

______40. Win a game with a single model remaining.


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2) Paladin X

3) Sgt Rock 

4) Tha42

5) TwinMasks

6) Pyre Warden

7) Data Entity

8 ) Aaron Musk 

9) Deadlyends

10) Rudra34

11) EriktheRed

12) Nathan K. 

13) WiseKensai.

14) Adam B!

15) Seth!

16 Than aka Zagdag!

17 ) Joe -Fate & Fury

18) Gunnar 

19) Inquisitor66

20) Andrewc

21) Saint Anthony

22) Ringer - Pete Harprer


Wait List!




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