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Raindog's Rampage: 2018

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Thank you all. What a great day. $339 in donation money and car load of coats, clothes, food, and hygiene products. 

They tried to schedule me for Saturday so I kindly reminded them that it simply wasn't going to happen.   Feeling the hype!

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If you need ideas for donations for the shelter, I have made a list below.

Cash is great. Individual and Costco sized portions are great, too. 


The Shelter Needs:

Gently used bedding

Gently used coats

gentle used sleeping bags



Laundry detergent


women's underwear


feminine hygiene products

tooth paste

tooth brushes

toilet paper


hair brushes

food -(Non-perishable) like top ramen, cans of stew, soup, dry pasta, rice, etc...

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1 hour ago, dataentity said:

I hope courtesy lists aren't a requirement. I've literally tried 2 computers, 3 different browsers and I cannot get Army to print out a list to save my life.

I mean, I guess I could make a plain text list of models but that seems not very useful.

I had to take my son to the hospital today, he's totally fine now, but it was too late to hit a library up to print my lists. 

So i am in the same boat as this gentleman. 

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