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Phoenix Nest Fall Infinity Escalation Tournament!

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Infinity Soldiers of Fortune Tournament

When: 10-27-19 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm

Where: Phoenix Nest Games

What: Three-round Season 10 Infinity Escalation Tournament using the Soldiers of Fortune alternate rules.


This Extra allows players to include Mercenary Troops in their Army List.

• Players must respect the Availability within the Troop Profile,

ignoring the limitations established by the Army or Sectorial.

• Each player can include up to 75 points of

Mercenary Troops in their Army List.

• The Mercenary Troops can be different for

each of the two player Army Lists.

• Fielding mercenaries in this way costs 1 SWC in that Army List.

• The use of this Extra does not allow duplication of Characters.

NOTE: Proxies are allowed within reason for mercenary models that the player does not own, but must be approximations. Run any questionable proxies by the Tournament Organizer.

Each player will develop two lists for each round, and choose from them once finding out the faction identity of their opponent.

Round 1 100 points: Biotech Vore

Round 2 200 points: Deadly Dance

Round 3 300 points: Frostbyte

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Thanks everyone for turning out for a great event. Everyone had fun, we had a good showing for such a small town, and the missions went down well.... with the exception that almost everyone forgot that frostbyte was limited insertion. OH well, watching a final round with everyone making a list in ten mins was certainly interesting to watch!

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