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GW website down

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I was actually expecting them to get rid of the FAQ and Errata pages.  It was obvious that they didn't want to deal with rules questions anymore.  Time to brain dump all those answers since it looks like they are invalid now. :wink:   On the bright side, Unmodified Leadership is more clear without the FAQ.

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So, with the absense of any FAQ's does this mean the ones I have printed out are invalid? Do we not reference FAQ's any longer and just throw our hands up and say, "F IT ALL!"

At this time it is the third option. Luckily Fantasy has fewer issues and are more able to come up with agreements on weather to use them or not.


I will be actively avoiding the RAW vs RAI that WAAC players will try to bring up. You will be able to spot them because weather they go with the FAQ or not depends on weather it is to their advantage. And I mean they will flip from one rule to the next.


(If you have a copy of the old FAQs I don't see why anyone would argue otherwise.)

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